Enter Vox’s Halloween costume contest!

With Halloween only a few days away—and a weekend of themed parties, Lupe Fiasco, and the Daily Show rally ahead of us—we figure Georgetown students are going to wear some great costumes.

Why not show us your favorites?

Until Monday morning, we’re accepting submissions for our Halloween costume contest. Send a photo of your best costume to blog@georgetownvoice.com and we’ll announce a winner next week. (Don’t forget to include your name, year, and school.)

The prize? A bag of old candy corn we found in the Voice office. And something else that’s nice too, we guess.

Don’t eat the candy corn, though. Candy corn is gross.

3 Comments on “Enter Vox’s Halloween costume contest!

  1. I love candy corn. Screw you, Vox. Outrageous!

    Careful on Halloween, kids. Especially you freshmen out there with bad judgment. Dressing up as Metro and stealing everyone’s candy won’t win you friends. Being a drug dealer for Halloween is already trite. So is being “Harbin Hall” or a “Drug Lab.” Anything “Sexy” is always legit for Halloween, though. So “Sexy Harbin” would be cool if you could get your hands on some yellow police tape to cover up just your vital vittles.

    This route is open to freshmen boys too, gay or straight. It’s not gay to do drag on Halloween if also ambiguously misogynistic. So go for a drag version of “Slutty Facially Abused Drug Dealer.” It’s an automatic win. Show off your body to a freshman with bad judgment, and if all goes well, get one free shot at facially abusing them for Halloween’s sake! How progressive of you.

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