The Week in Photos: Spooky! Scary!

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Photos: Audrey Wilson (slides 1 and 9), Julianne Deno (slides 2-3), Travis Smith (slides 4-5), Max Blodgett (slide 6), Jackson Perry (slide 7), and Hilary Nakasone (slide 8)

4 Comments on “The Week in Photos: Spooky! Scary!

  1. I bet many of the students who have cars on campus but don’t have/can’t afford parking paid parking spaces are less than thrilled about the choice of location for the bike share station. Those spots of 37th Street were always coveted. I’m surprised there has never been some sort of article about the state of student parking at GU and the impact of the ANC’s on it.

  2. I don’t think the location of the bikes actually replaced any existing parking spaces. There is a stop sign right at the front gates, and it is illegal to park 50ft?? directly in front of a stop sign. So no problem there.

    Also, I would take a Bike Share station over one free parking spot any day. How many students actually have cars on campus?

  3. Incredible observation, I would have to agree. Those spots were absolutely necessary, especially when I had someone waiting to pick me up at the gates and they would just “stand” there with cars. The bikeshare was a good addition, but not at that location.

  4. How long before a few of those bikes are clipped by a passing G2 bus or truck coming down 37th?

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