Will Conor Williams be WaPo’s Next Great Pundit?

Tuesday update: Voting will remain open until noon today. Go vote!

Original post: Conor Williams (GOV ’11), the PhD candidate who we’ve followed through Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit” contest, is one step away from winning the whole thing.

After an initial round, a blogging round, and a video roundtable, readers voted Williams as one of the contest’s final three contestants. His final test, an “old school op-ed,” was published earlier today. In it, Williams decided to analyze the impending midterm elections.

“In Tuesday’s elections, many progressives will stay home and many independents will abandon the Democrats entirely,” he writes. “This will mean a return to power for Republicans, who are largely committed to preventing public institutions from addressing the nation’s problems. This means that it’s their turn to misread their mandate.”

Williams’s competitors took different approaches to the op-ed. Nancy Goldstein, a journalist from Brooklyn, painted broad strokes about the Tea Party and Obama, while Lauren Hogan tackled the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Consider this Vox‘s official endorsement for Williams—big surprise, right? Now, head on over to the polls and win this goofy contest for him.

2 Comments on “Will Conor Williams be WaPo’s Next Great Pundit?

  1. Some Hoyas too lazy to support fellow Hoya Conor Williams? Outrageous!

    Support Cedric!

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