ANC wrapup: Let’s go to the HOP

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission met on Monday to discuss the usual—license approvals and community noise complaints. As expected, commissioners also mentioned the shenanigans in Harbin Hall, as well as a few local bars and restaurants. Here are the meeting’s highlights:

Neighbors’ complaints stall Third Edition’s liquor license

Commissioners voted to not support renewal of Third Edition’s liquor license on the grounds of neighbors’ complaints and the bar’s multiple ABRA violations. However, Third Edition isn’t going anywhere; Commissioner Bill Starrels assured the audience that the ANC did not want to run the bar out of Georgetown.

“The overarching problem is that they aren’t complying with the previous [voluntary] agreement,” Commission Charles Eason said.

The ANC will revisit the liquor license question after Third Edition’s voluntary agreement is revised to address noise concerns.

Greatest restaurant ever? Greatest restaurant ever.

Soon, there may be a new restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue that features two of our favorite things: Food and table tennis. The International House of Pong, owned by table tennis hall of famer David Sakai, will be inspired by SPiN, a ping-pong social club in New York City.

Commissioners had a bevy of complaints about the proposed restaurant, mostly related to its a proposed occupancy of 300 people. Other concerns revolved around more silly fare: The restaurant will not allow beer pong and will change its name if a certain pancake peddler claims copyright infringement.

Finally, Commissioner Tom Birch brought up the “waiter, there’s a ping-pong ball in my soup” issue, which led Sakai’s son to clarify that the building’s layout will prevent any unfortunate mixes of pong and food.

We call it “field research” too

During the meeting’s open section, a GU Medical student representing the Latin American Youth Center solicited comments from the community about student alcohol use. LAYC, as part of the D.C. Prevention Center, aims to curb alcohol abuse by collecting data on abuse, then reporting it to the city government. ANC Chairman Ron Lewis jumped at the opportunity like a bear does to honey.

“You’ll learn a lot more on the streets Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night,” Lewis recommended.

Although we won’t disagree with Mr. Lewis’s slightly obvious advice, he failed to mention an important observation: Sunday through Wednesday nights are viable times to annoy the neighbors too.

Response to Harbin Hall arrests

To nobody’s surprise, the ANC also discussed the Harbin Hall drug arrests. Commissioner Ed Solomon, in the absence of a police representative, criticized the University’s response to the situation, asking why the community was not informed of the happenings via the HOYAlert emergency notification system. Commissioner Aaron Golds (COL ’11) explained that the community was not informed because it was in no danger.

“On a couple of floors, the fire alarms were not working as they were supposed to,” Golds said, while adding that the people who were at risk in Harbin Hall were evacuated.

The house of several complaints

The landlord of several student-occupied houses in West Georgetown presented the commission with plans for renovations of a townhouse, located at 3535 O Street. The commissioners mentioned the landlord’s negligence and objected to—surprise!—the behavior of the tenants.

The renovations ultimately passed on the condition that the landlord meet with the commissioners in January to discuss his business model in relation to unruly students.

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  1. Oh God, local government is pathetic. “Waiter, there’s a ping-pong ball up this self-righteous jerk’s tight white ass.”

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