H8er @$$ concert review: Lupe Fiasco

On Saturday night, Lupe Fiasco performed for a few thousand costume-clad students in McDonough parking lot. The chilly Halloween night was the backdrop for an odd show—and I loved it.

Lupe has recently mixed rock influences into his repertoire, which came through in Saturday’s performance. He mostly stuck to his rapping and older tracks, while peppering newer work between older tracks like “Kick, Push” and “Daydreamin.”

The shortcomings? Despite putting on an energetic performance, Lupe seemed to be drunk, high, forgetful, or some combination of the three. He’s a strange character for sure—and recently, a borderline recluse—but the odd soliloquy he gave before launching into “Superstar” caught the audience off-guard. He broke off mid-song to perform “Show Goes On,” forgot the lyrics, and then returned to the track that made him famous.

Nonetheless, the concert was a hit. “Hip Hop Saved My Life,” the first song performed off of The Cool, set the evening’s tone. Lupe’s flow and the backing instruments aligned well and the crowd fed off of the performance.

If you ask me, Lupe killed it.

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  1. Just to clarify, Lupe was neither high nor drunk nor under the influence of any drug, as he is Muslim and does not endorse any sort of inebriation. I think the guy needs a little more credit for his performance, despite the snafu, as he was performing a new single for the first time. He still rocked the crowd pretty hard.

  2. Just because he does not publicly endorse using drugs of any kind does not mean that he doesn’t in private. I saw Lupe in concert a year ago and there was a substantially noticeable difference in his behavior and performance between then and at Georgetown. You’d be naive to think that Lupe was completely sober or put on the best show that he could.

  3. Dave couldn’t have put it any better…Lupe was clearly drunk off his music and high off the energy of the crowd. Not everyone needs to be intoxicated or drugged up to have all the energy he had this past saturday. So as a fan and a volunteer for the concert I believe he put on a great show and was able to get and keep the crowd hype ALLL NIGHTT! And yes, I do believe he was sober throughout the whole performance and no, I am not naive.

    BTW I met Lupe after the concert he was completely alert and oriented showing no signs of being under the influence.

    Album comes out…March 8, 2011…Make sure you cop it!

  4. Why did i pay $20 for something I could of honestly heard for free across the street from McDonough, where maybe 100 people were smart enough to do that?

  5. I’m aware that Lupe is a Muslim, but it really did appear as though he was a little more than “high off the energy of the crowd.” In light of what Yessh$$$ said, its completely possible that he was sober, and I definitely don’t want to malign him, it was just as I observed from the crowd. It was my first Lupe concert so I can’t attest to what he is like at other shows. This being said, it was dope.

  6. I think it’s equally naive to think that the only way Lupe could have been that hyped up was to be under the influence of some sort. Check out some of his other concerts…he displays the same energy even in front of smaller more intimate crowds. And it is not unheard of for a performer to be wilin on stage but be grounded after the show, interacting with fans. Completely normal, in fact.

  7. he does not drink, nor does he take hard drugs, due to his muslim faith. i know that he consumes marijuana though, and that he had before performing. lupe used to drink but has not in quiet a long time. that is well known amongst his fans. the guy has true natural energy, unlike jack and jane hoya who spend 20% of their time at gtown hungover.

  8. This was my first Lupe show and it was everything I expected from watching videos of his shows online. I too met Lupe after the show and like Lupe I’m also Muslim. I said Salaam (Arabic greeting that one Muslim says to another) to him and he responded to my Salaam in Arabic. Lupe loves his fans and feeds off their energy. Lupe was just high on life and how can you blame him. He has a new single out plus his album is gonna get released. As far as the no says comment about him using marijuana, I have never heard that about Lupe ever. I don’t know where the source of that information came from. The show was amazing and it further just confirmed that Lupe is the greatest rapper ALIVE!

  9. Honestly the only thing better than the Lupe concert itself was this article allowing me to relive it through such accurate, vivacious terms. 10/10

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