GW snags Bloomberg for 2011 commencement, Georgetown still speaker-less

Last Friday, George Washington University President Steven Knapp announced that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will give the GW’s commencement speech this coming May. Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama gave GW’s commencement speech.

“Sounds like GW got a terrific speaker,” Julie Green Bataille, associate vice president for communications, admitted in an e-mail.

If history is a precedent, Georgetown is unlikely to announce its commencement speaker for several more months. Last year, Georgetown didn’t officially release its list of speakers until late April.

Although Meghan Hogge, director of academic events, declined to comment on GW’s pick and the status of Georgetown’s own selection process, all signs suggest that this year’s announcement will have to wait until next semester.

“Georgetown will have individual commencement speakers for each ceremony and I do not anticipate having a final list until much closer to our actual commencement dates,” Bataille wrote.

At last May’s commencement ceremonies, the nine speakers—one for each school and one for the ROTC commissioning ceremony—included Dikembe Mutombo (SLL ’91) and Bob Schieffer.

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9 Comments on “GW snags Bloomberg for 2011 commencement, Georgetown still speaker-less

  1. They never announce it until right before commencement. :( I doubt they’ve even got someone lined up

  2. Please don’t be anyone lame… how did GW line up Bloomberg??? Come on Georgetown!!

  3. I’m pretty sure GU waits until a week before commencement to get a speaker. Then they offer just enough money to get somebody slightly more famous than the Wisey’s bum.

  4. Be careful with Bloomberg. If he speaks once he might like the gig and change the rules so that he can return again next year.

  5. Bloomberg is better than Michelle Obama (GW’s speaker last year) but even though both are on paper better than Dikembe I thoroughly enjoyed having such a multifaceted and successful alumni speak at my graduation.

  6. My money’s on Uribe (which will just make commencement a wonderfully more interesting affair…*sarcasm*). They always get professors or alumni or someone associated with the University and some way. God forbid we actually look for someone good.

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