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We didn’t forget about our Halloween costume contest, we swear. (It just slipped our mind for a few days.)

The above slideshow includes our favorite entries. Jed Feiman (COL ’12) went as New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan of The Rent is Too Damn High party fame. Voice staff writer Tom Bosco (MSB ’12) channeled another Internet meme as “Cigar Guy” Rupesh Shingadia. Meanwhile, Michael Whitaker (SFS ’11) decided to be Antoine Dodson, the accidental auto-tune musician.

We even got a group entry! Lauren Mahon (NHS ’12), Margaux McGrath (COL ’12), Margaret Delaney (COL ’12), Jillian Falbe (NHS ’12), and Hannah Klusendorf (COL ’12) tugged on our childhood memories as the cast of Recess.

Take a minute to look at the costumes, then choose your favorite. We’ll keep the polls open until Friday, when we’ll announce the winner.

12 Comments on “Vote in Vox’s Halloween costume contest

  1. why isn’t the old spice guy included in the poll? i’d totally vote for him!

  2. I’m trying to figure out what Jed made his facial hair out of. Is it carpeting?

  3. So, ya’ll know the Rent is Too Damn High guy is an anti-semite, right?

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