This week in the Voice: Judaism at Georgetown

This week in Features, Sean Quigley profiles Rabbi Harold White, who will retire in June, and the state of Georgetown’s Jewish community.

“From forging lasting relationships with students and alumni of all faiths to establishing the Program for Jewish Civilization in the School of Foreign Service,” writes Quigley, “White has arguably done more than anyone else to build and strengthen the school’s Jewish community in the four decades since he first came to Georgetown.”

News has the latest on yesterday’s Álvaro Uribe protest and counter-protest.

In Sports, Tim Shine interviews Mike Seander (a.k.a. Mike Stud), the rapping Georgetown baseball player.

Leisure reviews the fare at the new D.C. location of P. J. Clarke’s.

In Voices, Julie Patterson bemoans Prop. 19’s failure and its national ramifications.

The Ed Board pushes for more student participation in the hiring of both campus leaders and administrators.

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