Students offer advice to SFS kids, would-be Foreign Service officers

Do you want to see the world and serve your country? Mike Madoff (SFS ’13), Morgan McDaniel (SFS ’13), Amanda Lanzillo (SFS ’13) have some advice for you.

In a video titled “So you want to be a Foreign Service officer,” which seems to be inspired by a similar, academic-minded video, a student asks if she can list her professor as a State Department reference. The professor tells her “no one cares” about her Maps of the Modern World Knowledge, she will only marry other officers “as pretentious as [she is],” and she will “die as a mid-level Washington bureaucrat.”

So … happy Monday, you guys!

14 Comments on “Students offer advice to SFS kids, would-be Foreign Service officers

  1. I think Amanda is in the SFS. Otherwise she could not have written such wisdom about Foreign Service.

    This makes her very sad to be part of the College. She’s that pretentious.

  2. Many years ago, as an SFS student, I spent the summer as an intern in Paris at the Atlantic Institute for International Affairs. At one of the Institute’s affairs, which was attended by their sponsors, I met a gentleman who worked for Citicorp.

    We got to chatting and I told him I was a student at SFS. He proceeded to tell me that he’d been in the US Foreign Service. I asked innocently what he’d done and he proceeded to list off the countries he’d represented the US as Ambassador.

    After I picked my jaw off the floor and we started talking about his experiences, he told me that he’d achieved his Ambassadorships as a career foreign service officer. His advice to me was that if I wanted to make a serious career in the Foreign Service I should enter the private sector. Once successful, then move to the Foreign Service.

    I ultimately went to Wall Street, and did not follow what sounded like good advice, but that’s a different story…

  3. What an SFS Student thinks their career will be like: A James Bond movie
    What an SFS Student’s career will actually be like: A Dilbert Comic

  4. Nice video, but the end is weird. Being a reference for an internship counts as “hours” on the job? Foreign service officers qualify for their pensions by hours, and not by years? What is going on in this video?

  5. I would add that, though SFS students probably have unrealistic expectations about the Foreign Service, what college student doesn’t have unrealistic expectations about the glamor of their chosen career? If you didn’t, why would you choose it?

    Just to give you two examples. I’m an MSB grad, and I’ve been forced to wear tight jeans around my investment bank’s office to attract my (male) boss’s gaze :(. And my friend who graduated with an English degree from the college was arrested in his Pennsylvanian hometown for vagrancy :(.

  6. Just to add on to T.J.’s statement: The State Dept DOES NOT have vending machines like that, this video is obvs shoddily done.

  7. @Eileen

    Yup, that inspired it. Those are the basic characters you can use if you’re making at movie at that website – you have to pay to use others, unfortunately.

  8. Want to make a difference? Join the Marine Corps. It’s 10 November, the birthday of the Marine Corps. So raise your glass 235 times to the 235th birthday of our beloved corps. What? You say you can’t raise your glass 235 times? Sad. If you were a Marine you would be able to. Oh Rah Chesty Puller!

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