Former GU Hospital employee pleas guilty to stealing $86,286

Yesterday, WUSA9 reported that a former Georgetown Hospital employee pled guilty to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a non-profit based in the hospital.

Frankie Renee Kennedy, a Maryland resident, stole $86,286 from the Georgetown Transplant Institute from 2005 to 2009. Kennedy worked at the Institute from 1998 until this year, where she was responsible for “day-to-day operations.”

According to WUSA9, Kennedy wrote 69 checks to herself using the non-profit’s bank account, signing each check with a doctor’s signature stamp. She attempted to hide her involvement by falsely attributing the money to foundation purposes in the checks’ memo lines.

Kennedy, who faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, will repay the monies to the hospital as a part of her plea bargain. She will be sentenced in February.

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