Burglar enters dorm room through window, steals laptop

4 p.m. update: The burglary occurred in Village A, according to a Public Safety Alert.

The student entered his apartment at approximately 9 p.m. and discovered “his apartment had been burglarized and his laptop stolen.” reads the alert. When the student left the apartment earlier in the day, the front right window was open.

This is the sixth reported burglary (or attempt) in Village A since October 16.

Original post: A burglar stole a laptop from an on-campus residence on Tuesday.

According to Metropolitan Police Department Lieutenant Victor Braschnewitz, the unknown suspect “appeared to have entered” the dorm room through an unsecured window between 2:30 p.m. and 9:10 p.m.

This burglary is the latest in a string of laptop thefts that have occurred since mid-October; the crimes have largely concentrated around the Village A apartment complex. Last week, Stephanie Lynch, director of Residence Life, and Joseph Smith, associate director of the Department of Public Safety, announced security changes in Village A to combat the problem.

This is the first reported on-campus burglary since Lynch and Smith announced the changes.

13 Comments on “Burglar enters dorm room through window, steals laptop

  1. I’m imagining some nefarious freshman with a huge stack of laptops in his/her Harbin room, wondering what the hell to do with them.
    Be warned: craigslist is prone to sting operations.

  2. I guess it sounds like the paper signs in village A are making things safer on campus. Back to the bat cave…

  3. I’m not sure who are the slower learners – DPS or residents of Village A.

  4. @Slow Learners Anonymous, Agreed. DPS needs to get on this, and perhaps that means keeping a guard posted at the building at all times. But, students are just not getting it. You live in the city now, therefore crime happens. Lock your doors, lock your windows, buy a laptop lock! Be smart about things. These criminals know that students are being completely absent minded, and therefore keep coming back for more. Easy targets. Not to say that the administration doesn’t have a role to play in stepping up patrols, but I just don’t understand these students.

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