GU Hospital sued for $5 million after liver transplant snafu

Georgetown University Hospital failed to realize that a woman who died while waiting for a liver transplant was in the hospital, according a lawsuit filed in D.C. Superior Court.

While Donna Roy was in the hospital in 2008, an employee from the Georgetown Transplant Institute called Roy’s home phone number to notify her of an available liver. The mistake was never realized and the liver was given to another patient. The 59 year-old woman later died from complications caused by non-alcoholic cirrhosis on Thanksgiving day.

“It’s just unreal. She had been seen by a dozen doctors,” Dorothy Roy, her sister, told WUSA9. “Everyone knew she was at Georgetown. How did this happen that they called her at home?”

Last month, Dorothy filed suit for $5,000,000 on behalf of her sister’s estate. She claims that hospital’s medical negligence led to her sister’s death.

“I want to know why Donna did not get that liver. What happened to the liver?” Dorothy said.

Although Marianne Worley, hospital spokesperson, declined to comment on the case, WUSA9 confirmed that the phone message left on Donna’s home answering machine originated from the Georgetown Transplant Insitute.

According to WUSA9, Roy plans to donate the money to Haiti if the court rules against MedStar Health, the healthcare organization that owns the hospital.

Video: WUSA9

6 Comments on “GU Hospital sued for $5 million after liver transplant snafu

  1. I think the equitable solution would be to find the liver, extract it from whoever currently has it, and give that to Ms. Roy.

  2. I hope the doctors were sued for everything too. Go Obamacare! Screw those doctors!

  3. “Roy plans to donate the money to Haiti if the court rules against MedStar Health.” She should consider creating a fund to help fund thoses who can’t obtain a transplant due to “funding cuts.” Which in my option amount to Hitlerism by various state governments and insurance compaines.

  4. Hi,

    I am currently the sister in-law of a very ill woman currently in Georgetown University awaiting a liver transplant, if she does not receive one soon she will die. I feel so bad for Ms Roy & her family! I brought this very same case to the doctors attention last week, I advised them if they released my sister inlaw in the next couple of weeks with/out a transplant I will personally have the press at their door the day they try to release her. Needless to say the anger when i brought this case up was very evident in their faces! I am not quite sure they were to happy! My sister in Law too suffers from Primary Billiary Cirrhosis of the Liver, non-alcoholic related! She is only 43 & has a 22 yr old daughter, she is too young to die! I need her! She has helped me through some very rough times in my life & has helped raise my daughter, I am her POA & I will do anything to ensure she lives the rest of her life with us! Please pray for her & our family!
    To the Roy family, I hope you win! I hope the courts work in your favor! For those of you reading this, if you are not a donor, please make every effort to become one!~ You can save a life!

  5. To even make the matter worse, GUH’s initial response was “there were no liver transplants the week that Ms. Roy was called.” It was not until the messages were played for them that GUH finally admitted that “yes” there were transplants. Now there response is “she woud not have gotten the liver even if we had reached her.” Then, why would they have called her three times and said “if you don’t respond someone else will get the liver.” I made a promise to my beloved sister when I threw the first shovel of dirt on her coffin that until I take my last breath there will be no other priority in my life other than to deal with GUH. I only wish the patient who received the liver the very best — as long as he/she is an American taxpayer and not the relative of the medical staff. Don’t let them release your relative until they have a transplant or die right there. My sister died due to 5 major organs failing, 6 days after she was made to leave GUH. By the way, she died on Thanksgiving, our Mother’s 95 birthday. God have mercy on their soul and mine!

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