Haiku time! Write a basketball poem, win tickets to Enter the Void

To celebrate the impending start to Georgetown basketball, we’re throwing another haiku contest!

You know the drill: Submit your best Georgetown basketball-related haiku in the comments, then we’ll pick two favorites on Friday before the men’s team tips off against Old Dominion. (Don’t forget to include your email address in the comment.)

The winners will get pairs of tickets to see Enter the Void, courtesy of West End Cinema. Enter the Void is a “psychedelic melodrama,” which probably means the film will have a whole bunch of drugs, bright colors, and dream sequences.

Get started writing those syllabic-specific poems, gang.

11 Comments on “Haiku time! Write a basketball poem, win tickets to Enter the Void

  1. Do we have a four?
    Sims, Nate, Hollis or Moses
    Keys to the season

  2. Would love to cheer on
    Our Georgetown Hoyas Courtside,
    prices too damn high.

  3. If we all pregame,
    we’ll be far too gone to know
    win from loss: NO PAIN.

  4. Paz de la Huerta
    Does not play for the Hoyas
    But she is pretty

  5. I know this school Duke
    That thinks they’re good at B-Ball
    But sadly, they fail.

  6. The guards will protect
    What the past big men have built
    The WAG slogans suck.

  7. Deliver us please
    Bring us to the promised land
    You sir are Moses

  8. Sell me men’s tickets
    To Verizon I will go.
    Women’s? No thank you.

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