Stylista alum quits Elle, burns bridges

Johanna Cox, the CW reality show contestant who won a gig at Elle magazine, recently announced that she quit Elle and moved back to D.C.

Cox, a Brown alumni who earned a Master’s from Georgetown in 2006, beat out 11 aspiring Stylista editors for the Elle job in 2008. In addition to securing a year of work at Elle, Johanna’s winnings scored her a paid year-long lease to a Manhattan apartment and a clothing allowance from H&M.

In the no-holds-barred post on her blog, Cox complained about long hours, low pay and “inter-office bitchery.”

“[W]ith the dumpster state of the economy, I knew how lucky I was to keep my tiny plot in that Broadway office,” Cox admitted in the post.

Although she’s back in D.C., don’t expect to see Cox around campus. She once told the Washingtonian, “[T]he best I can do is to tell people to avoid Georgetown at all costs, especially on the weekends. Nothing but entitled, preppy trouble in that part of town.”

Sorry Johanna, but the Curator of D.C. Style begs to differ.

Photo: CW

h/t: Jezebel

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