Georgetown Law extends post-grad funding program

Remember how five Georgetown Law Center grads went on NPR‘s “All Things Considered” last summer to commiserate about their employment opportunities? We guess they didn’t know about GULC’s post-grad funding program.

As initially reported by Above the Law, graduates who worked full-time at public interest organizations for three months were eligible for $4,000 stipends from GULC. In late October, students learned that the program was recently extended for three more months. According to an email sent to students by GULC’s Office of Career Services, qualifying students will be able to receive another $4,000.

“[A] requirement of the funding is that you continue to seek full-time employment,” read the email.

However, Above the Law notes that the funding program has not run smoothly; one tipster alleged that his stipend, which was smaller than he expected due to tax processing, arrived months late.

A GULC official responded to the claims, arguing, “The amount of taxes withheld varied significantly based on the student’s particular situation and in some cases, no taxes were withheld.”

2 Comments on “Georgetown Law extends post-grad funding program

  1. ^ I’d be pretty disappointed to learn that you are an alum of the university.

    Regardless, it’s not like any of the T14s (maybe excluding Y and S) have 100% employment that doesn’t involve cooked numbers.

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