Haiku contest results: Everybody wins! Some just win better.

Our latest contest reaffirmed that Georgetown has its fair share of wordsmiths. Okay, maybe not—but they can sure count syllables really well! We’ve included some of our favorites below.

Chad Kroeger” delivered the funny, but we doubt he can trek down from the Great White North to pick up his ticket:

Sing: Someday, Somehow
Going to make it all right.
Hope it’s this season.

Bailey Heaps” wrote a great poem, which is now unintentionally hilarious:

Deliver us please
Bring us to the promised land
You sir are Moses

And much love towards “Not #swagman” for some magnificent ceasura:

The guards will protect
What the past big men have built
The WAG slogans suck.

To be honest, the West End Cinema gave us a ton of tickets to Enter the Void. So, every commenter wins!

Thanks for playing, everybody.

7 Comments on “Haiku contest results: Everybody wins! Some just win better.

  1. A cupcake stands,
    frosted, not from that store;
    provost gazes with longing

  2. Bitches will always,
    remember our badass game
    Georgetown represent

  3. “The guards will protect what the big men have built” was lifted from a casualhoya thread btw.

  4. Climbin your window
    Cookin that DMT up
    The snuggler still lives

  5. Sunday Funday!! Just picked up flavored Burnetts! GET READY FOR THE PUMPHOUSE!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

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