NCAA rules Moses Ayegba ineligible for first nine games

11:30 a.m. update: According to Mex Carey, director of sports information, Ayegba’s infraction did not violate Georgetown’s three-year NCAA probation.

Original post: According to the Washington Post‘s Tarik El-Bashir, the NCAA ruled freshman center Moses Ayegba ineligible to play the first nine games of Georgetown’s men’s basketball season due to a pre-enrollment infraction.

“Before we began recruiting Moses, before he enrolled in high school here, it turns out his ticket to come to this country was paid for by someone who was not a member of his immediate family,” Coach John Thompson III said in a statement this morning.

Georgetown attempted to appeal the ruling, however the NCAA upheld Ayegba’s temporary ineligibility.

“We’re disappointed that the NCAA rejected our appeal of this ruling,” Thompson said.

Ayegba was expected to provided much-needed depth to the Georgetown frontcourt this season. Barring additional infractions, he will regain eligibility for the December 12 home game against Appalachian State.

Photo: Georgetown University Athletics

7 Comments on “NCAA rules Moses Ayegba ineligible for first nine games

  1. Wait…so a non “immediate” family member (which would include, like, his aunt) bought him a plane ticket a few years ago so that he could move, and that makes him ineligible to play basketball for Georgetown? Bwah? You know, some people commit violations that aren’t made up; the NCAA might want to focus on them.

  2. How could the NCAA possibly find about this out other than self-disclosure? Assuming Georgeotwn was upfront, this is an outrageous punishment considering that coaches lying to the NCAA appears to have little to no consequence.

  3. The NCAA: when you can exchange payment for a commitment somewhere but suffer no consequences, or cheat your way to two final four appearances but enjoy a cushy job in the league for the rest of your life, but if your Grandpa buys you a plane ticket 4 years ago, you get suspended.

  4. Everyone knows the NCAA is an enormous joke, even the NCAA. God forbid someone buys a plane ticket for a kid so he can have a chance. But if you graduate practically 0% of basketball players like UMd. or a coach Cal team, whatever, that’s OK because we need the CBS money.

  5. Sunday Funday!! Just picked up flavored Burnetts! GET READY FOR THE PUMPHOUSE!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

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