SFS alum sworn in as ambassador to Albania

Last July, President Barack Obama announced that he would nominate Alexander Arvizu (SFS ’80) to become the U.S. Ambassador to Albania. On Wednesday, Arvizu was formally sworn in as Ambassador.

Arvizu, who was born on an Army base in Japan and grew up in Colorado Springs, previously served the Foreign Service in Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, and Japan.

“Many, many congrats to Alex! I know that he will be an outstanding ambassador for the United States,” Professor Anthony Arend, who graduated with Arvizu and attended his swearing-in ceremony, wrote on his blog.

Photo: State Department

h/t Anthony Arend

2 Comments on “SFS alum sworn in as ambassador to Albania

  1. What a wonderful time for Arvizu to be the Ambassador to Albania. The country has been going through promising transitions in recent years. Many reforms have been successful but many are still needed to enforce and strengthen democracy. I hope Arvizu can play a role in Albania’s (re)building.

  2. Being Ambasador to Albania is a huge job in a tiny country, its a tough choice somehow. I hope His Excellency, the newly appointed ambassador, will not listen the Albanians around. Real Albania is outside embassy and and he is appointed U.S. Ambassador to Albania.

    I wish him all the best

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