Janet Reno’s honorary Georgetown Law degree sold on Ebay

Remember the Georgetown Law grad who sold his degree online? Well, it looks like he started a trend—and even former U.S. Attorney Generals aren’t safe from it.

On April 15, 1994, Georgetown Law gave Janet Reno an honorary law degree. More than fifteen years later, that piece of parchment found itself in an auction lot of Presidential and political memorabilia at a U.S. Government Surplus auction. CIE Surplus, an asset liquidation company in Northern Virginia, bought the degree and opened an Ebay auction for it. (Bidding began at $9.99.)

After seven bids, the “used” diploma was sold for the low, low price of $41.

It’s good to know that someone out there cares enough about Clinton-era politics to drop forty bucks on Reno’s degree. Or maybe Mr. and Mrs. Reno are just damn proud of their little Janet.

6 Comments on “Janet Reno’s honorary Georgetown Law degree sold on Ebay

  1. I wish i knew about this auction so I wouldn’t have to waste another 3 semesters and 130K+ on getting one of these myself.

  2. What’s the size of an honorary graduating class at GULC? 1400?

  3. No one should be expected to know this but the plural of Attorney General is Attorneys General.

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