Charges dropped against Burleith pot-growing couple

At this morning’s preliminary hearing, charges were dropped without prejudice against Howard Arenstein and Orly Katz, the married pair of journalists caught growing marijuana in Burleith.

According to Washington City Paper, the charges were dropped without prejudice at this morning’s preliminary hearing because prosecutors could not locate their only witness. The charge—possession with intent to sell—may be reinstated after prosecutors track down the witness.

Arenstein, a CBS Radio News correspondent, and Katz were arrested in October after a neighbor’s tip led to the discovery of 11 fully-mature marijuana plants in the backyard of their Burleith home. A single mature plant can produce up to a pound of marijuana. Although the charges implied drug dealing, a source close to the case told City Paper last month that the stash was likely used for medicinal purposes, not sold.

h/t Washington City Paper

Photo: Juliana Brint

6 Comments on “Charges dropped against Burleith pot-growing couple

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  2. Typical burlieth yuppie. Secretly reports someone to the cops and then sheepishly hides out when it time testify. Heaven forbid an adult face another adult. Such a proud day in being an adult for ‘proud burliether’

  3. Whoa. It seems burleithers can make witnesses “disappear”

  4. “Likely used for medicinal purposes.” I hope the terminally ill duo make it through the holidays. Good luck we’re all pulling for you.

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