Basketball caption contest: No prizes, just lulz

Look at that photo! It’s begging for a goofy caption, so we’re asking our dear readers to bring the funny while we daydream about turkey cake.

The prize? A lifetime of fame and celebrity in our comments. (And maybe we’ll buy you a pretzel at the Verizon Center.)

Photo: AP (Ann Heisenfelt)

9 Comments on “Basketball caption contest: No prizes, just lulz

  1. Lubick: “Oh, this is niiiice.”
    Benimon: “Yes, this model comes with full lumbar support and recliner capability”
    Tulane player: “Dear god, my spine!”

  2. Benimon: Hey Nate, I think you are sitting on that guy’s head.
    Lubick: Yes, I am.
    Tulane Guy: Yes, he his.

    /end scene.

  3. Benimon: The last seat is mine!
    Lubick: Not today.
    Tulane Guy: I hate musical chairs.

  4. Georgetown student: let’s sit on that player like he is my neighbor’s bushes
    other Georgetown student: hell yeah
    green jersey: at least you didn’t throw up on me

  5. Lubick:I forgot what I had for lunch, think you can help?
    Benimon: That’s vile, Nate.
    Tulane Guy fainting

  6. Be creative! Old jokes are old and out of date.

  7. Lubick: I’ve got an itch. Thanks Green man, that hit the spot.
    Benimon: I’ve always wanted to be Pac-Man…
    Tulane: Come on guys! Stop picking on me…

  8. Silly proud burleither…Nate Lubick and Jerrelle Benimon live on campus.

    Benimon: Nate, you’re falling! Don’t worry, man, I got you!
    Lubick: It’s all right, Jerrelle, I hit a speed bump.
    Tulane: (small voice) Will somebody please take this ball?

  9. No speech bubbles. Just:

    “envy our ass, fear your future”

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