Georgetown previews new website, will officially launch in two weeks

Yesterday, Georgetown launched the beta version of its long-awaited, redesigned website.

As the University’s first redesign since 2002, the preview has a whole lot of new features, including navigation pathways for highly trafficked information and a footer bar that customizes links for students, faculty, alumni, and parents. It also includes videos, interactive campus maps, and a search function.

Earlier this semester, rumors on HoyaTalk suggested that the website would launch in late October or early November. According to University spokesperson Juile Green Bataille, the final product will “go live” on December 3.

“The structure, design and content of the new site reflect feedback from the Board of Directors, students, faculty, staff, alumni and prospective students and parents,” Bataille wrote in an email.

Love it or hate it? Let the University know at

7 Comments on “Georgetown previews new website, will officially launch in two weeks

  1. Hate hate hate the footer bar. The links IN the footer bar are pretty useful, but I can’t say I have any reaction to something popping up when I go to the website other than a strongly negative one. And why is it red?

    Also don’t like the excess of videos. I have to say, in the majority of the circumstances where I will be on the website, watching a video would be distracting or a nuisance, rather than being a cool multimedia feature.

    But really, it all depends on how good the search function is; if it works better than the awful one we have now, none of the rest will matter and it will all be worth it.

  2. Hah, I do love that they changed the orange colored items to red for me after I mentioned it on the development blog. Cause I hate Syracuse that much.

  3. Love love love the new site. It is a thousand times better than the current site. The footer only popped up the first time I used it. Once I chose alum and closed it, it left me alone.

    Since I can’t be there to see everything that’s happening on campus, I really appreciate the video. It gives me a little taste of life on the Hilltop. I can only imagine prospective students will enjoy it as well.

  4. Still too much dead space around the logo on the front page. They should make it more like the header on the subpages, SMALLER.

  5. Same pathetic search function. They should get some of their CS majors to fix that for them…

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