DeGioia travels to India, talks education partnering

Earlier this month, University President John DeGioia, SFS Dean Carol Lancaster, and Chief Financial Officer Christopher Augostini visited New Dehli to meet alumni and explore the future of Indian higher education.

“The delegation focused on productive and effective ways to engage in India with a variety of possible counterparts,” Lancaster said in a press release. “It also sought to strengthen ties with Georgetown graduates in that large, dynamic and important country.”

Last July, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal met with Spiros Dimolitsas, Georgetown’s chief administrative officer, to discuss the possibility of building a campus in India. At the time, University spokesperson Juile Green Bataille downplayed any potential partnership.

“There’s no specifics regarding Georgetown and India,” Bataille wrote. “As we do routinely with a variety of entities, Georgetown is exploring opportunities to develop a range of possible partnerships in India that could further the university’s mission.”

During the trip, Georgetown’s delegation also participated in a conference organized by India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. DeGioia’s keynote address at the conference highlighted the need for educational partnerships between India and colleges around the world.

“When we assemble talent from every corner of the globe, when we can connect that talent in new collaborative partnerships, and when the decisions made in one place can affect the lives of people in many other places,” he said. “I believe we need to acknowledge a new kind of responsibility to engage in the world.”

h/t Georgetown University

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  1. Just as long as Signore DeGioia brings back with him many fascinating and delicious spices from his sojourn to the Indies. It is heartening to see him traveling the world, looking for ways to improve the food at Leo’s.

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