Georgetown gets $90 million to complete Science Center, renovate facilities

Last Friday, the D.C. Council voted to approve the University’s request for $90 million dollars in tax-exempt bonds. The money, when coupled with funds gained through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will cover the cost of completing the new Science Center.

The Council’s approval brings the bonds’ less-than-epic saga to a close. Before the November 19 vote, the bond request faced concern from the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, passage through the D.C. Council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue, and defense from D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans.

Only $74 million will go towards the $98 million Science Center, according to University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille. The rest will fund renovations of existing facilities, including the roads around the building-to-be, as well as technology and infrastructure upgrades on the main campus, Law School, and University-owned townhouses.

Although specific projects have not been identified, Bataille added, the money will not be used for 2010 Campus Plan projects or to upgrade on-campus wireless capabilities.

Photo: Georgetown College

6 Comments on “Georgetown gets $90 million to complete Science Center, renovate facilities

  1. get rid of the asphalt and crumbling curbs around healy circle. cobblestone or brick instead? Such minor changes, such big improvement.

  2. More green spaces on campus! Green up the Harbin and VCW patios! And yes, cobblestoned sidewalks instead of asphalt would be wonderful!

  3. the VCs are ruin any hope for a real old campus feel. They officially mark the divide between what you are happy to show guests and what you think they dont need to see. They are the worst planning/architecture mistake made by the campus, bar none. New South may be ugly but you could integrate it into a beautiful campus. Its just a box. Village C dominates campus with its shit sheet metal accents sides and space wasting configuration.

    Lau, was at least an effort, well thought through and intelligent people can disagree about its appearance. VCE reached for base utility and failed to achieve even that.

  4. off topic, but…. what if gtown owned little apptmnt complex a ways off campus, say near dupont or foggy bottom. I could imagine upperclassmen, especially those with internships, being happy to sign on with the University, avoid the hassle of seeking out their own apartment and getting to live in a community of gtown students slightly removed from campus.

    too nyu?

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