Uribe awarded HACER’s Simón Bolívar Prize

The Hispanic American Center for Economic Research recently awarded former President of Colombia and controversial Georgetown professor Alvaro Uribe its Simón Bolívar Prize.

The prize was given to Uribe for “his work on promoting liberty, security and democracy in Colombia and the Americas,” according to HACER’s website. Former U.S. Ambassadors Otto Reich and Robert Noriega attended the ceremony.

HACER commended Uribe for leading efforts against the FARC, which controlled nearly two-thirds of the country when he took office, but has now retreated to the less populated parts of the country. The murder rate also dropped significantly during Uribe’s term.

Uribe’s presidential tenure as president did not come without controversy, however. Activists accuse him of violating human rights in order to achieve these results; critics point to incidents such as the “false positives” scandal to illustrate the alleged abuses his administration carried out. Since his appointment as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership by the University, protesters have demonstrated outside his on-campus speaking engagements.

HACER, a non-profit organization, promotes the study of “personal and economic liberty, limited government under the rule of law, and individual responsibility” within Hispanic populations.

Photo: HACER

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