Campus Plan Update: No need to worry, the neighbors still don’t like us

Last Monday, the Citizens Association of Georgetown hosted a forum to discuss proposed changes to city zoning regulations.

The meeting, which filled the Letelier Theater, brought Travis Parker of the D.C. Office of Planning to discuss what will be the first changes to the regulations since 1958. Although Parker mostly spoke about how the changes can affect the neighborhood, many questions focused around Georgetown University’s proposed campus plan.

According to the Georgetown Dish, one resident waited over an hour in an aisle to ask how the neighbors can have their voices heard without being “steamrolled” by the University. Parker responded to this, and similar questions, by directing neighbors to voice their opinions to the Zoning Commission.

“The Zoning Commission is, in my experience, very good about listening to concerns and if not resolving them, at least addressing them,” Parker said.

Although the neighbors were concerned with how the zoning changes affect the proposed campus plan, only a small portion of the changes would affect the plan. According to Georgetown Patch, the changes would have no effect rounds of campus plan negotiations.

The opposition to the University’s plan also spread to Foxhall last week. Lenore Rubino, president of the Burleith Citizens Association, presented to the Foxhall Community Citizens Association the BCA’s arguments against the plan, and brought along the group’s “Our Homes, Not GU’s Dorm” signs.

Bob Avery, FCCA president, echoed Rubino’s concerns and voiced problems that Foxhall residents have with the plan as well. He said the University disregards the neighbors’ concerns, citing a senior week party held at Yates on Kehoe Field that lasted until 2 a.m.

Avery offered a solution for the University to control off-campus students—suspend or expel students who do not comply with laws and University rules.

5 Comments on “Campus Plan Update: No need to worry, the neighbors still don’t like us

  1. I’d be upset too if I was stupid enough buy a house next to a university and think that it would be all candycanes and lollipops with the kids going to bed at 8PM. Besides has anyone seen how run-a-muck the landscaping is of most of those rowhouses that ‘normal’ people near the university have. Police yourselves first if you’re a real HOA.

  2. From the linked article in the last paragraph: “In the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere galloped from Boston to Lexington to warn of a British Army onslaught. Lenore Rubino, president of the Burleith Citizens Association, took her message to Foxhall regarding a modern-day threat: the proposed expansion of Georgetown University with its significant potential impacts on traffic and surrounding neighborhoods.”

    This should probably said with one’s tongue firmly in cheek, and yet I’m not sensing a hint of that at all. I won’t guess where the hyperbolic analogies will head next, but Burleith is shaped vaguely like Poland and mustaches are pretty easy to draw.

  3. Lenore Rubino should be honest for once and change the \Our Homes\ signs to read \Keep Burleith White\. The GU student body is more diverse than the surrounding neighborhoods, so a lower percentage of students means a higher percentage of whites nearby.

    Also, given that students are a protected class under the DC Human Rights law, Lenore Rubino’s actions are similar under the law to trying to keep African-Americans or other protected groups out of her neighborhood, as students have just as much of a right to live there as anyone else.

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