Comments of the Week: Town, gown, frown?

At least the ANC produces great comments consistently, unlike the deceased 4Loko.

El Presidente shows Burleithers that they aren’t the ones armed with analogies:

From the linked article in the last paragraph: “In the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere galloped from Boston to Lexington to warn of a British Army onslaught. Lenore Rubino, president of the Burleith Citizens Association, took her message to Foxhall regarding a modern-day threat: the proposed expansion of Georgetown University with its significant potential impacts on traffic and surrounding neighborhoods.”

This should probably said with one’s tongue firmly in cheek, and yet I’m not sensing a hint of that at all. I won’t guess where the hyperbolic analogies will head next, but Burleith is shaped vaguely like Poland and mustaches are pretty easy to draw.

An Anonymous commenter is skeptical of our neighbors’ kooky accusations:

Man, this mythical party school sounds awesome. I only wish I went to a school with faux weddings and bonfires!

But in the meantime, I’ll settle for a school that’s not surrounded by pathetic neighbors that stoop to concocting absurd lies about student behavior.

Fritz Brogan wants a piece of our new retreat center:

Any space on this bitch for me to open a rooftop bar?

DR spots a bit of a double standard:

Was there any discussion regarding the status of Howard Arenstein and Orly Azoulay, the Burleith couple arrested for growing marijuana? Did anyone demand that the witness(es) come forward so the prosecution can move forward?

If not, I guess outrage is reserved for students only, and non-student Burleithers can do whatever they want, no questions asked.

yah boy swoops in for another name-based pun:

more like “Awesome Threeman”

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Town, gown, frown?

  1. I feel like if Hemmingway wanted to sum up a week of Voice comments, this post would shit all over his.

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