SAFE Update: Vote total passes critical mark

The Student Activity Fee Endowment (SAFE) reform referendum reached the number of votes required for it to be valid.

As of noon today, 2,002 votes were cast in the referendum with more than a day of voting left. Two-thousand votes were needed to validate the results.

Had the total number of votes failed to surpass 2,000 the referendum would automatically be rejected regardless of the percentage in support of the reform. The Election Commission is expected to release the results shortly after midnight Thursday.

In the meantime, make sure to let Vox know what you think by voting in our poll.

17 Comments on “SAFE Update: Vote total passes critical mark

  1. If you oppose SAFE Reform and were planning on sitting it out in the hopes the referendum would fall short of 2000 votes, now we need your to vote.

  2. Argument of the “Don’t Vote” set:

    “After telling you that you should sit out this important campus discussion so GUSA will look bad, we now need you to actually vote so we don’t look bad.”


    If you care about making student life at Georgetown sustainable and competitive with our peer universities, Vote Yes. It’s just that simple.

  3. It is now incumbent on all who love their campus to vote against this.

  4. Sorry we’re not rich. Whoops, i forgot you supported the rich taxes.. nvm!

  5. Increase is covered by financial aid, if applicable. To the pay-for-players who forget that not every student can afford to pay for clubs and activities in cash out of pocket, I politely request that you work less actively to recreate Georgetown’s former elitist reputation.

  6. Vote against this. Don’t let the second society of stewards control our campus. They paid and are pushing for this bad change.

  7. Despite the vote now being legitimate, the arguments have not changed. In numerous fora, the ideas in favor have stood up to criticism, while arguments against have fallen flat. Vote yes.

  8. I’m sorry, can you say that with a greater aura of arrogance?

  9. go second stewards go! you trick students and buy your way to get this passed.

  10. Im going to go ahead and throw down the gauntlet here by saying you don’t know what you’re talking about

  11. Does the university still take the interest from the endowment and use it for other purposes? I know they did that until at least ’07/’08. If they still do that, voting yes on this reform is a no-brainer regardless of the increases in fees that might come with it.

    Also, what’s the deal with the new anti-spam thing? I get the point, but they really suck in a Ticketmaster-hell way.

  12. I do know what I am talking about….if you would like I can list exactly what I know. I’m guessing that you don’t want that though. The private funding was a good idea though

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