Columbia University bests GU’s DMT high

In typical Ivy League fashion, Columbia found a way to one-up the national media attention Georgetown received from its DMT lab bust this fall.

This Tuesday, five students at Columbia University were arrested for dealing a variety of drugs out of houses on the university’s fraternity row.

NYPD’s investigation, referred to as “Operation Ivy League,” took place over the course of five months as undercover policemen purchased LSD, marijuana, cocaine, Adderall, and ecstasy from the students.

According to Bwog, the blog of The Blue and White, three of the students are being held at the Manhattan Correctional Facility. The other two students have been released on bail.

Pike, AEPi and Psi U—the fraternities that the students sold drugs out of—have been placed on Interim Suspension by the University.

…but we did it first!

h/t: Bwog

11 Comments on “Columbia University bests GU’s DMT high

  1. I thought they were all part of that whole Yale thing

  2. I liked drug busts better when they were underground. Now they’re mainstream.

  3. Still can’t beat the fact that a Georgetown student was trying to MAKE the drugs as well as deal them. Unless, of course, that’s part of this one too, just not detailed here.

  4. Well, for one thing, I think they were probably closet homosexuals who did a lot of cocaine. That whole Yale thing.

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  6. Nico Dodd won't write for the Times, probably not even for the Post

    “In typical Ivy League fashion”

    You don’t go to an ivy, you don’t know what typical ivy fashion is. In order to teach you a lesson, Nico Dodd, I’m going to blackball your name to all the connect I have on major media outlets so you don’t get hired by anyone respectable when you graduate. This is a better example of ivy league fashion. when you don’t get the job, remember today.

  7. How can someone write about an institution they are not a part of? Isn’t it true, for example, that only Nazi soldiers can write histories of the Wehrmacht, and that the best anthropological studies of remote cultures are written by the very tribesmen of those cultures?

    Of course not, you fucking ass.

    You do realize that the basis of journalism is writing about institutions to which the journalists do not belong, right? Or do they not teach critical thinking at the “Ivy League” institution which I’m sure you attend? Kindly take “all the connect [sic]” you have and shove it.

  8. “In order to teach you a lesson” hahaha …. true example of “typical Ivy League”.

  9. “Of course not, you fucking ass.” Lol.

    There is a particular writing style for blogging that is not the same as journalism. In the blogging world, it is much more acceptable to use personal opinions as descriptions and anecdotal evidence to support claims. It is perfectly normal to say things like “typical ivy league fashion” because this is a BLOG intended for informative but entertaining purposes.

    Please stop harassing Georgetown students and stop skipping English class. Your English professor will teach you how to make nouns from verbs (connect —> connection), form plurals (connect—> connections), how to use conjunctions (*because* You don’t go to an ivy, you don’t know what typical ivy fashion is), and best of all teach you that blog writing is not the same as writing for a newspaper.

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