Four chairs created by largest ever alumni donation

Stemming from an approximately $75 million donation given in late 2008, Georgetown University has created four diverse field chairs in memory of Robert McDevitt (COL ’40) and his wife Catherine.

McDevitt left the University one-third of his estate prior to his death in September 2008. His wife died in April of the same year.

The McDevitts were devout Catholics—having also left significant donations to the Diocese of Syracuse and LeMoyne College—and the field chairs created are meant to reflect “areas of personal meaning to them that are so critical to our ongoing efforts to enhance our academic quality and Catholic and Jesuit mission,” according to President John Degioia.

Mark Murphy will be the Robert L. McDevitt and Catherine H. McDevitt chair for religious philosophy. James Freericks holds the same chair in physics, Ophir Frieder as the chair for computer science and information processing, and law professor Milton Regan as the chair in jurisprudence.

McDevitt ran the family funeral directing business, but made a significant amount of his fortune from IBM stock. His mother was the secretary to the president of the company’s predecessor and purchased stock in the company early in IBM’s history.

h/t and photo: Georgetown University News

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