Get to know the Jesuits at Georgetown in new video

Providing a glimpse in to the Jesuit philosophy, the Georgetown College has created a video entitled “Jesuits at Georgetown.”

The video features Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J., executive director of Campus Ministry, Fr. Ryan Maher, an associate dean in the College, and professors Fr. Matthew Carnes, S.J., and Fr. Christopher Steck, S.J.

In the video—which includes footage from the University Gaudete Sunday Mass, Steck’s weekly mass in New South, and Fr. Carnes teaching his government class—each Jesuit talks about their purpose and vision at the University.

Maher opens the video, saying, “Our job as educators and as priests is not to bring God to people, or even to bring people to God. Our job, our way, of living out our educational vocation is to ask the right questions, and to help young people ask those questions.”

Carnes—who came to Georgetown in the fall of 2009—said that while many people think of Jesuits as “old school,” his goal in class is to engage students. Carnes was instrumental in introducing iClickers to the University.

Maher mentions in the video that the Jesuits had a great impact on him as both a student and as a fellow priest, especially Fr. Thomas King, S.J.

He also reflected on why the Jesuits are central to Georgetown, saying, “What does our presence mean? What difference does it make? We are meant to embody in a particular way the tradition that animates and gives life to Georgetown and has for 200 years. We’re not the only ones, but we are asked to do it in a particular and unique way. In many ways we are the tenders of the fire.”

Kuna Malik Hamad, the lead videographer for the College, created “Jesuits at Georgetown”.

Jesuits at Georgetown from Georgetown College on Vimeo.

2 Comments on “Get to know the Jesuits at Georgetown in new video

  1. Love this video. It’s good to see GU putting some meaningful time into creating multimedia content for the new website/new buildings. When I was a prospective student it was really difficult to get a feeling of the campus and culture because Georgetown’s YouTube presence consisted entirely of old guest lectures recorded on hand camcorders, somebody’s home movie of the campus from like 1996, and that incredibly awkward ‘cool kid at Georgetown University’ video (which is still highly ranked for some insane reason).

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