Hersh calls military officials crusaders in speech at SFS-Q

Seymour Hersh, a writer for the New Yorker, spoke last week at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar on the differences in foreign policy between the Bush and Obama administrations.

“I don’t know how to describe Obama, as somebody who’s now in office for two years,” Hersh said. “Just when we needed an angry black man, we didn’t get one.”

After describing the Bush-Cheney years as a time when “eight or nine neoconservative whackos, if you will, overthrew the American government,” he continued to criticize the various abuses perpetrated by the U.S. during the War on Terror.

Hersh then went on to accuse several high-ranking members of the armed forces of being Crusaders.

Hersh said that General Stanley McChrystal and Admiral Bill McRaven are members or supporters of the Knights of Malta, as well as Opus Dei.

They “see what they are doing … [as] a crusade, literally. They see themselves as protectors of the Christians,” Hersh claimed.

Hersh accused Obama of turning over the war efforts to those who were perpetrating it and criticized further actions in Afghanistan.

Photo: The Huffington Post

4 Comments on “Hersh calls military officials crusaders in speech at SFS-Q

  1. I think Hersh embarrassed himself with these comments. When a foreign policy talk descends into Catholic-bashing and bad jokes about an “angry black man,” it’s time to look elsewhere for intelligent viewpoints.

  2. Sure, the anti-Catholicism is obviously concerning, but let’s also take a moment to consider that this guy doesn’t know how to use Wikipedia. The Knights of Malta is an organization dedicated to serving the poor, elderly, infirm, and other marginalized groups. How is supporting/belonging to that sort of group not an admirable quality?

    Not in a million years would I ever defend McChrystal, McRaven, or Opus Dei, but let’s not throw the Knights of Malta under the bus with them.

  3. Opus Dei is not a secret organization.
    You can sign up to Opus Dei just by joining their Facebook page.

    Opus Dei is a Spanish Catholic cooperative,
    and not a US based Catholic cooperative.

    I believe Opus Dei’s best known cooperative is
    Monkole, a hospital in Kinshasa, Congo,
    that attends to thousands of people in situations of extreme need.

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