Freshman serenades girl in Leo’s, wears fantastic hat

To lighten your spirits in case you’re still homeless, here’s a photo of Alex Baker (MSB ’14), pictured here in a cowboy hat, serenading a mystery girl in Leo’s to the tune of Lonestar’s “Amazed,” everyone’s favorite slow-dance song from junior prom. [Editor’s Note: Actually, second-favorite.]

Was it an initiation prank? Did he win over the lady? And most importantly, why did he do it?

“I don’t know, it was just something I felt like doing,” he said.

3 Comments on “Freshman serenades girl in Leo’s, wears fantastic hat

  1. “Amazed” is a respectable second place, but first place is hands down “Truly Madly Deeply.” Egregious editorial oversight.

  2. Hasn’t this happened before? Maybe three years ago? Let’s get someone to check the archives. Where is Matt Stoller when you need him?

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