Power outage plagues East Campus during storm

A power outage in East Campus that began this afternoon has yet to be fixed, according to East Campus Hall Director Billy Colona.

“At this time, neither I nor Housing have any information on the restoration of power or what actually caused it,” Colona wrote in an email to Nevils residents at 4 p.m.

The University has taken steps to help students during the outage, which has coincided with D.C.’s first major snow storm of the year. Residents can pick up flashlights—one per apartment—at the East Campus RHO or through their Resident Assistants. Facilities plans to install a light tower in the LXR courtyard this evening.

In a later email, Colona suggested that residents visit Sellinger Lounge, Leo’s, Lauinger Library, and Yates Field House to enjoy light and heat.

Freezing your ass off because of the outage? Looking for a warm place to stay? Let us know in the comments.

Colona’s first email:

Dear Nevils,

As many of you are aware, there is a power outage in East Campus. As of this time, Facilities is working on restoring power to the complex. At this time, neither I nor Housing have any information on the restoration of power or what actually caused it. I promise that as soon as I have any information, I will email the complex ASAP.

In the meantime, the RHO has flashlights for residents–one flashlight per apartment. If you are interested in getting a flashlight, please go to the RHO before 7. After 7pm, please contact the RA on Duty (202-288-9035) and they can get you a flashlight.

In the meantime, if you need to use the internet, and/or need light, there are a number of places on campus with power and a working connection, including but not limited to, Lauinger Library and Sellinger Lounge.

Hoping we get power back soon. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

All the best,

Billy Colona
East Campus Hall Director

Colona’s second email:

Dear East Campus,

As promised, I would send you all updates, and I plan to do so semi-regularly throughout the evening so long as we don’t have power.

At the moment, as you would imagine, Facilities is continuing to address the issues at hand. You should all expect to receive a more detailed email from the Office of Housing Services soon. In the meantime, you should be aware the Facilities is going to install a lighting tower in the courtyard of LXR to provide lighting to the area. As per usual, desk guards will be posted at the Walsh and 35th Street entrances to the complex.

Moreover, RA Student Staff and DPS officers will be performing rounds around and throughout the complex into the evening

At this time I do not have an estimated time as to when power will be restored to the building. If you have an issue that you think an RA may be able to address, please call the RA on Duty phone at 202-288-9035. If you have an emergency, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 202-687-4343.

Please keep your eyes peeled on your email inboxes for any updates that I have—I promise I will provide them to you in a timely fashion. Again, please utilize these spaces on campus for light and heat: Sellinger Lounge, Leo’s, Launiger Library and Yates.

Billy Colona
East Campus Hall Director

6 Comments on “Power outage plagues East Campus during storm

  1. Any awkward postings about a random Craiglist person suggesting that students visit him, ala during the Harbin evacuation?

  2. “The University has taken steps to help students during the outage” is unfortunately very false. As a resident of Nevils nothing has been done to help the situation, except giving each apartment a flashlight. No information or help on find an alternative place to sleep, or even if that will be necessary, has been offered or provided.

  3. I was told to find an alternative place to stay tonight and that the situation will not be resolved soon because of the weather. I am interested in seeing what this light tower looks like…

  4. Well, I was sent an email saying:

    “Due to an unplanned power outage in LXR & Nevils we may need to relocate
    some students tonight. Since there is a vacancy in your residence, we
    will offer this space to students as temporary housing, per the Housing
    Occupancy Agreement. Please make sure there is a cleared bed in your
    residence should we need to assign someone to this vacancy. Thank you
    for your assistance in helping your fellow students in this situation.”

    So I hope all of y’all find a place that isn’t my room or the power is turned back on soon.

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