Comments of the Week: Listen up!

Our own Molly Redden shows some wit:

That kid was drinking beer in the igloo! I AM OUTRAGED BY HOW THE RESIDENTS TREAT THIS CAMPUS.

Beat up the Beat is representing:

you forgot Pauly D at Club Fur on saturday night at 10 pm. Tickets are $20.

or maybe you didn’t.

JS has us knock on wood:

I heard about this from a friend at NU. I feel for the NU kids, but it is good to know that Georgetown hasn’t sold out us out like that.

Typical defends Fr. Maher from the Cardinal Newman Society:

Anyone who is accusing Father Maher of not understanding what it means to be a priest is an absolute ignoramus. I would venture to say that he has made more of a lifelong impact on students here, especially Catholic students, than any reactionary mindbot from the Cardinal Newman Society could have ever done, because he understands how people operate. We have doubts, we are unsure, and we struggle with faith. Anyone for whom faith comes easily (or for whom it is forced) does not have true faith, but rather a shallow and immature understanding of what it really means to be a faithful person, especially a Roman Catholic.

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