Georgetown Icons premieres in Gaston

Last night, Georgetown University hosted the official launch for the book Georgetown Icons by Leslie Little (COL ’86).

The $150 book is filled with photographs of Georgetown’s most beautiful scenery, institutional memories in block quotes, and historical documents reproduced on vellum.

President John DeGioia introduced the book, lauding Georgetown and the wonder of knowledge and learning it inspires in its students.

Dean of Georgetown College Chester Gillis took the podium and told the story of the book’s inception.  Little contacted Gillis in 2009, asking if she could show her first publication, Paris Icons, at Georgetown.  On seeing the international award-winning photo book, Gillis requested a similar one be made of Georgetown for alumni and prospective students alike.

According to Little, “Georgetown Icons is, at its core, a love story.”

To create the book, Little sorted over 6,000 digital pictures, the entire archive collection, and 137 inscribed plates.  She said that her experience slaving over documents on fifth floor of Lauinger Library reminder her of her own honor’s thesis in history.

“I lived and breathed Georgetown Icons for the last year,” she said.

Underlying the book, she wanted the experience to be a fully sensuous one, transcending photographs or history to become a piece of art inspired by synchronicity.

She aimed to depict Georgetown holistically, covering every school and every campus, the founding, the Chimes, basketball, and the Jesuit Cemetery, in which 16 former university presidents are buried.

3 Comments on “Georgetown Icons premieres in Gaston

  1. Can’t wait to see the lovely images of Southwest Quad, Village C, New South, Darnall and Henle!!! I mean, they, along with all the other buildings we’ve built in the last 50 years or so, are the true architectural gems of Georgetown, right?

  2. Did she want the experience to be fully sensuous when she wasn’t lying under the book?

  3. Does this mean they will stop emailing me about this now?

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