Meet the GUSA candidates: Kalenka and Coppotelli

[Editor’s Note: The Kalenka/Coppotelli ticket withdrew from the election on Friday.]

Presidential candidate: Kristie Kalenka (MSB ’12)

Vice presidential candidate: Jared Coppotelli (MSB ’12)

Why are you qualified to be the GUSA president and vice president?

We believe that we represent the voice of students of our school who not only wish to more about the student council’s responsibility, but also wish to act as an effective conduit between students and faculty.  We have been heavily involved in student clubs on campus such as the Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union and the Georgetown Alumni Mentor Program, and we wish to properly present the core issues that affect the Georgetown community.  We wish to work under a system that most effectively address the issues that affect the most students on our campus.  Acting as a genuine messenger between students and faculty requires a comprehensive understanding of the issues that greatly affect Georgetown students and faculty alike.  We wish to not only research the source of these issues, but also respond to the current issues affecting our community, such as the regulation that demands limited noise-violations in the Georgetown neighborhood.

What are your three top goals that you hope to achieve as the GUSA executives?

We wish to make the western part of campus (including Village A) safer for the Georgetown community; we will work to ensure that Georgetown students are not only safe, but also feel comfortable leaving and coming back to our campus safely.  We additionally want to formulate a more comprehensive method for organizing and scheduling student activities for aspiring and existing clubs on campus.  One of our core issues are making a more systematic method for not only allowing clubs to have sufficient funds, but also allowing aspiring clubs to have sufficient room to organize. Lastly, we seek to more prudently allocate resources in order to expand important areas for student concern such as printing access around campus and GoCard options.

What do you believe GUSA’s role should be in town-gown issues, such as the campus plan and the amended noise law?

We believe one of the issues should address is the regulation that limits noise in the Georgetown community; this issue is reflective of the issues we aspire to address, in that this is the type of issue that mutually affects Georgetown community residents and students. Our role in these types of issues is to most properly gauge the opinions of both residents of the community and students.  A mutual goal between students and residents will more likely result in a long-term solution that mutually benefits all of the people involved.

How would you characterize Angert and Kluger’s time in office? If elected, what do you plan to do the same/differently?

Calen and Jason have made great strides for GUSA during their two year administration. They were the ones who sparked our interest in GUSA and subsequently propelled us to become hopeful candidates. Although Calen and Jason accomplished many tasks including the passing of the SAFE reform and most notably the significant cultural shift within GUSA, if elected, our role will revolve more around effectively relating students concerns, and declaring a more prescriptive method for solving problems that mutually affect our community and our own campus community. We seek to make GUSA more accessible to the everyday student and more of a true umbrella organization of the Georgetown community—both on-campus and off-campus.

8 Comments on “Meet the GUSA candidates: Kalenka and Coppotelli

  1. Wow, the response to the third question is amazing. The depth of the statement really demonstrates the quality of leadership they’d offer.

  2. What is the Student Council. GUSA doesn’t have one….before you lead an organization go learn a bit about it. Horrible platform, so outdated and just demonstrates a lack of understanding of current campus issues.

  3. Katie and Jared: thanks for your candidacy. Here are a couple of questions for you guys:

    1. What do you suggest that GUSA could do to more effectively communicate its message with students?

    2. How can GUSA effectively interface with neighbors on questions like the noise violation law with hostilities over the campus plan so high?

    3. Could you go into a bit more detail regarding your plans on reforming club regulation?

    Again, thanks for your candidacy. Looking forward to hearing more in the coming days.

  4. If you took out every meaningless or unnecessary adjective and adverb from this response I think it would be half its current length. I believe Vox and the candidate can formulate a mutually beneficial resolution to this issue.

  5. These comments bemoaned them so much they revoked their candidacy. Hahahahhaha

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