Escape the Hilltop: Love stinks

If you’re into handcuffs…

If you and your significant other are particularly secure in your love for each other, or you’re hoping to get dumped, spend Valentine’s evening at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment’s “Crimes of Passion” exhibit. For $30.00, you and your loved one can be bound together and led through the museum’s collection of “crimes of passion” exhibit boards. Warning: NOT recommended for first dates.

Whoopie pie?

Tonight, an event that is especially dear to my Mainer heart: Zola Wine & Kitchen is holding a Whoopie Pie Eating Contest. The first-place winner will wow their Valentine with a hard-won couple’s cooking class and a bottle of wine. From 5 PM to 8 PM Friday.

Logic, Luck and Love

On H Street, the Atlas Performing Arts Center is showing “Logic, Luck and Love,” a play which explores the triumphs and trials of modern romance. For couples who are able to focus on the “triumphs” and ignore the “trials,” this could make for a great V-day date night.

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