Smith and Perrone plead guilty, likely to serve probation

In federal court yesterday, Charles Smith and John Perrone plead guilty to manufacturing DMT in Smith’s Harbin dorm room last October.

Perrone admitted during the hearing that he purchased the supplies needed to make the hallucinogenic drug, while Smith agreed to pay half of the cost. Although they didn’t plan to sell the drug, they did plan to share it with friends. Before their arrest on the morning of Oct. 25, they produced a gram of DMT — about 10 hits worth.

“I have never consumed DMT in my life, didn’t get that far,” Perrone said during the hearing, according to the AP.

Lawyers agreed that Smith and Perrone should be sentenced to six months in jail. Instead of serving that jail time, as per the agreement, the two men will do community service and go on probation. The two men will be sentenced on Mar. 18.

According to University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille, Smith is no longer enrolled at Georgetown. He was previously enrolled as a freshman in the School of Foreign Service.

Photo: Arthur Lien, h/t AP

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