Police seize numerous fake IDs at Third Edition

The Metropolitan Police Department seized approximately 20 fake IDs Thursday evening at Third Edition.

According to The Examiner, MPD confiscated the IDs after the people using them—mainly students from Georgetown and George Washington University—had entered the building.

DCist notes that the students were not charged for the use of the IDs, but their cases were remanded to their respective colleges for further review.

At least one of the people caught using a fake ID told MPD that they purchased their ID from a Chinese-run website called IdChief.

Although they are not perfect, MPD is worried about the fake IDs because of their better quality holograms and magnetic strips.

MPD did not respond to a request for comment on the incident.

Image: Third Edition

8 Comments on “Police seize numerous fake IDs at Third Edition

  1. Can we get some information about how DoPS was involved in this sting?

  2. I am shocked – shocked! – to find that underage drinking is going on here!

  3. Yeah didn’t know that happened at Gtown. We’re the future of the country after all…

  4. Why would you link to the site these kids bought fake ID’s from in your article?

  5. If Georgetown and its neighbors are going to use noise violations to destroy the house party scene, then they have to expect these kids to find their way into bars. Either ease up on house parties or let kids drink at bars. You can’t have it both ways. College kids are going to drink one way or another.

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