Mike Meaney and Greg Laverriere win GUSA presidential election

Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12)¬†have won the Georgetown University Student Association presidential election. Meaney and Laverriere won against Jed Feiman (COL ’12) and Henry Sims (COL ’12) in the fourth round of instant-runoff voting with1,612 of 2660 votes, according to an email from Election Commissioner Adam Giansiracusa.

Charlie Joyce (COL ’12) and Paige Lovejoy (COL ’12) made it to the third round runoff.¬†Ace Factor (COL ’12) and James Pickens (COL ’12) made it to the second round.

There were 68 write-in votes and 2,893 total votes. Voting in the instant-runoff election ended at midnight on Friday.

25 Comments on “Mike Meaney and Greg Laverriere win GUSA presidential election

  1. This looks like only first round results. That’s only 37%, needs to top 50% to win.

  2. What Matt said. Also, what is a blank margin? :)


  3. ROUND 1:

    1073 – Meaney-Laverriere
    693 – Feiman-Sims
    551 – Joyce-Lovejoy
    508 – Factor-Pickens
    68 – Other

    Total = 2893

    ROUND 2:

    1085 – Meaney-Laverriere
    706 – Feiman-Sims
    563 – Joyce-Lovejoy
    512 – Factor-Pickens

    Total = 2866

    ROUND 3:

    1254 – Meaney-Laverriere
    824 – Feiman-Sims
    688 – Joyce-Lovejoy

    Total = 2766

    ROUND 4:

    1612 – Meaney Laverriere
    1048 – Feiman-Sims

    Total = 2660

    After four rounds of IRV, Meaney-Laverriere won with 60.6% of the vote.

  4. It appears the Stewards have spoken.

    So, the Stewards control GUSA, which controls…

    That’s really the end of the chain of command isn’t it?

  5. Congratulations to the second society of stewards. I wonder what actions the group will decide to do next year. s/o to chief Fitz as well…leaving a lasting mark.

  6. @Denethor

    Can Lord of the Rings/GUSA become a meme please?

    @Mike and Greg

    Congratulations! Illegitimi non carborundum and all that.

  7. Also,

    Authority is not given to you to deny the return of the King, STEWARD.

  8. Here’s the breakdown of the tickets’ preferences. Note that it doesn’t track 100%, since some Joyce-Lovejoy voters are actually the 2nd choice of Factor-Pickens, but close enough without the data.

    Factor-Pickens – 512 voters
    33% (169) – Meaney-Laverriere
    24.1% (125) – Joyce-Lovejoy
    23% (118) – Feiman-Sims

    Joyce-Lovejoy – 688 voters
    52% (358) – Meaney-Lavierre
    32.6% (224) – Feiman-Sims
    15.4% (106) – (No Vote)

    Note again that Joyce-Lovejoy voters include at least 125 Factor-Pickens, so this would be their third choice votes.

  9. What does this tell us? Winning GUSA requires a strong ground game. Mike and Greg not only worked as hard as the competition, but they had more people, in more places, working just as hard to spur vote turnout. Having an awesome name (Ace), newspaper endorsements (Charlie), or Basketball player (Jed) doesn’t mean all that much when your competition does the best job mobilizing voters.

    Students care most about whoever tries to reach out and contact them…

    That said: Congrats Mike and Greg, good show Ace and James, and sorry Charlie and Paige.

    To Jed and Henry: Go back to doing what you do best – making jokes and playing basketball. We can’t repeat Cincy…

  10. Whoops, to Factor-Pickens above I should add 100 of F-P’s voters, or 19.5%, only casts votes for Factor-Pickens and didn’t choose anyone else.

  11. I am so proud of my minions.

    We have successfully dismantled the Rebellion.

    Job well done, Stewards.

  12. …and now that we control GUSA, we can finally use those power crystals under Healy Hall to enslave all the minorities! Muahaha!!!

    Manny out.

  13. I enjoy that the Stewards stuff comes out every GUSA election I’ve been here. Anyone care to explain it all?

  14. I told them you can’t mess with the status quo.

  15. Stewards – noun [STOO-wards] – a convenient excuse to explain one’s favored candidate losing by a crushing vote margin.
    See also: Sore Loser, Crux Orbis, 9/11 Truther

  16. Do, like, Mike and Greg even crush kegs and slay box?

  17. Calen and Jason’s endorsement is worth much more than the Voice’s and the Hoya’s put together. Says a lot about the two newspapers.

  18. Heard \batman\ was also secretly running for the election this year as a write-in candidate. I wonder if he got more votes this year than last year.

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