GoCard machine stolen from Henle laundry room

A GoCard machine used for operating laundry facilities in Henle Village was stolen between midnight and 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

 Denise Fung, area coordinator for Henle, emailed residents on Wednesday informing them that the community will likely be billed between $2,000 and $3,000 for the cost of replacing the machine. The cost will be split evenly among Henle residents unless someone comes forward to claim responsibility for the incident.

Full text of the email to Henle residents after the jump.

I want to take a moment to tell you about what has happen in our community so we can work together to build a stronger community.

I was surprised and disheartened to hear yesterday morning before 9:00am that our card swipe to the laundry room was stolen. The swipe was stolen between midnight and 9:00am.  Obviously this is unacceptable behavior in our community and puts in question the responsibility of any activities of the night before.

As a result, I will be charging the community the costs of this incident through community billing, likely to range from $2,000-$3,000.  The cost will be evenly divided amongst all residents on the community.

Please know that I understand this may have been the result of a few residents in the community, or even guests of the community. It is for this reason that I am asking that the person(s) responsible step forward and own up to the disturbance in the community.  If I receive any information as to who may be responsible I can more appropriately assess billing to the community.  I will likely assess final charges by Tuesday of next week (March 8th). If the card swipe is found in someone’s apartment there will be judicial action under the Code of Conduct.

Again, I know these incidents are the result of a few, but you are being made aware as this now has become a community and hall concern.  Please let this be an opportunity to start a discussion amongst your community to stand up for the type of character and integrity that defines us as a Georgetown community and to work together to both support one another and, at the same time, hold each other accountable to the standards we have all agreed to.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this email and I urge each of you to give this topic its due attention.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to talk with your RA or myself.


41 Comments on “GoCard machine stolen from Henle laundry room

  1. Such a terrible policy on Georgetown’s part.

  2. So when a student gets their laptop stolen from their home, it’s the student’s fault, but when the university fails to secure their equipment from theft by a possible outside intruder, it’s…still the students’ fault? Maybe I’m just bitter because I live in Henle.

  3. I don’t understand what makes the University so certain it was students. Would students have on hand the burglary tools necessary to remove such a machine? Those without the Georgetown community come to campus all the time to steal. Is every bike theft perpetrated by a student? I doubt it.

  4. This is just the way ResLife Hall Directors’ brains are programmed to function. It’s like they only hire people with sub-par reasoning skills, a masters in “collegiate development,” and a mediating certificate from a Holiday Inn weekend seminar.

  5. Denise Fung has been here for LESS THAN A YEAR, yet she apparently knows more about the “character and integrity that defines us as a Georgetown community” than her residents, who have been a part of this community longer than she herself…SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE. And sadly–or fortunately–she will likely be gone in a year or two because Hall Directors are recyclable.

  6. Denise Fung has been here for LESS THAN A YEAR, yet she apparently knows more about the \character and integrity that defines us as a Georgetown community\ than her residents, who have been a part of this community longer than she herself…SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE. And sadly–or fortunately–she will likely be gone in a year or two because Hall Directors are recyclable.

  7. I retract my previous post upon learning the text of the email. I thought she meant a GOCard depositing machine, not the swiping mechanism to activate the laundry. In that case: what the hell is wrong with whoever did this?

  8. I’m pretty sure I saw the RA take it.

  9. I’d like to see the invoice for the new swiper before charges are incurred.

  10. In this one email, Ms. Fung uses the word \community\ 13 times. Two thoughts:

    (1) Insisting over and over that this is a \community\ does not change the fact that you are blindly and heavy-handedly punishing dozens (hundreds?) of good, honest members of that \community\ for a crime that they had absolutely nothing to do with. \Communities\ involve some form of policing. In this \community,\ policing is the University’s responsibility. Charging the students is outrageous, and it in no way reflects \community\ values.

    (2) I do, however, think the residents of Henle should be forced to contribute money to buy Ms. Fung a thesaurus so she can write emails that sound like they were written by someone with more than a seventh grade education.

  11. I do think we, as a community, should contribute to a community thesaurus to be kept in the community room for use by community members in order to uphold our commitment to the education of the community at-large. community.

    Show of hands?

  12. I kind of prefer this email to the ridiculous \Gentle Reminder\ emails she sends out every weekend as an attempt at preventing parties. Really, I don’t want to see a picture of Denise and Mariah Carey she took three hours to Photoshop. Maybe if she had been doing her job instead of spending hours on Publisher writing those emails, the swiper wouldn’t have gotten stolen.

  13. I actually love Denise and think all these comments are low blows from a bunch of self-centered, privileged know-it-all’s who wait for an opportunity such as this to assume an anonymous name and BASH people – yeah, you’re also the types that would call this \free speech\… but really, where does \free speech\ end and hatred/cowardice begin?

    Most of the shit ya’ll write in these blogs are lacking in factual information and blown out of proportion. smh

  14. Do you have the “factual information” to back up your assertion that “we’re all a bunch of self-centered, privileged know-it-all’s who wait for an opportunity to assume an anonymous name and BASH people?”

    Because I I personally have better things to do than wait around for such an opportunity. But, as someone who has seen firsthand how flawed Residence Life is, I think it’s fair to point out their hypocrisy and unfair policies.

  15. @henle resident- the irony is just too much. Stop, I literally might die of laughter. smmfh.

    Although you are right: I am the type to bash people anonymously–and deservedly–and I am also the type to call this “free speech,” mostly because I have a functioning brain. I’m not sure what is lacking in “factual evidence,” unless this wasn’t actually written by Denise and Vox is just publishing lies. It’s literally a copy of her e-mail…But I’d love to hear the “evidence” you have!

  16. Ok, I haven’t been on campus for a few years, but what incentive would a student (or, for that matter, anyone) have to steal a GoCard machine? There’s no money in it. Is there some black market for GoCard machines I don’t know about?

  17. Further proof that ResLife is a useless department which does nothing in the interests of the general student population.

  18. Maybe someone with better knowledge of University procedures can answer this – does Denise Fung have the authority to fine every student living in Henle? Unless they know who actually stole the GoCard machine I don’t think they can just apply the cost over everyone…

    Things are stolen all the time at Georgetown – in fact I just got a PSA that an office in Reiss was burglarized. Should the cost of that incident be spread over every science major at GU? Seriously, this is ridiculous. I don’t live in Henle, but if I did I would absolutely be refusing to hand over any money to Ms. Fung. This is a problem with DPS/Henle security not Henle residents. There need to be functioning cameras and/or investigations taking place to find the person responsible.

  19. @ Hunter: I have been saying SECURITY CAMERAS PLEASE for the last 3 years. You’ll lose your voice before anyone will listen.

    @ Henle Resident: Denise may be a wonderful person, but (1) she is punishing a lot of innocent people for a crime committed by one or maybe a few individuals who may not even be Georgetown students, much less Henle residents, and (2) either she writes like a seventh grader who doesn’t know how to avoid using the word “community” OR she thinks that using the word over and over will somehow make people accept her outrageous group punishment—either way, it’s not good.

  20. ResLife always approaches disciplinary situations with a you-are-guilty-even-if-I-cannot-prove-anything-or-have-any-idea-who-“you”-actually-are attitude. It’s a typical grade school mentality. If one student misbehaves, THE ENTIRE CLASS LOSES RECESS.The problem is, in this case, we don’t even know if it was a student. She has no idea who is responsible and no incentive to investigate since she can charge the entire community. My theory is it’s a gang of GW kids trying to make our administrators look incompetent. They didn’t need to try too hard, did they?

  21. @Hunter

    I know I will certainly be refusing to hand over a single dime to Denise Fung for the GoCard swipe machine. That is, unless she also assesses the fine to every single Georgetown student that could have possibly stolen it, not to mention every single person living within a 10 mile radius of campus who would could have easily walked on to our campus and stolen it. After that, by my calculation, I ought to owe about 1 cent. The way these incidents are handled is truly absurd.

    I don’t know Denise personally, so I’m going to try not to make any character judgements here, but I wish I could publish some of the classic e-mails that she sends out to the Henle “community” (complete with her wonderful clip-art and Paint graphics). The spelling and grammar is cringe-worthy. Tough to read.

  22. This is pretty standard behavior from ResLife, actually – I know my floor got fined sophomore year for something that happened in our common room (the entrance floor, of course…). It shows up on your student account at the end of the semester.

    So, you know, not that I’m condoning this type of behavior, but it’s not Denise Fung’s fault; this is the way that ResLife responds to any theft or damage that occurs in an on-campus residence.

  23. If Aja Holmes was still in charge of Henle, this email would never have been sent out, and not just because Aja had a second sense about every illegal activity occurring in Henle.

  24. AJa was the best thing that ever happened ResLife. Denise should try to emulate her.

  25. It also seems like Fung is going to send DPS into every apartment in Henle in order to search for the machine. I know that DPS have the right to enter blah blah blah, but really? Something disappears and hundreds of residents’ privacy is invaded? I am never as disappointed with my school as I am when they treat us all like common criminals.

    I smell another witch hunt.

  26. Guys, please. Give Denise a chance. It’s a tough job and she could really use everyone’s support.

    Secondly, does anyone want to buy a goCard swiper?

  27. @Julie Patterson,

    I agree that Fung is way overstepping by charging all of Henle, but “invasion of privacy?” It’s a big machine. I’m sure DPS will look in large open spaces and maybe big closets. It’s not like they’re going to open your cupboards or paw through your panties. Get a grip. “Privacy” is just the buzz word people use when they don’t like what someone else is doing. But it has nothing to do with anything being really “private.”

  28. @Julie Patterson,

    I should add, in the interest of full disclosure, that I hate you. I can’t really tell if that influenced my response to your post.

  29. yes, I think that may have influenced your response.

    1. It’s not really that big of a machine…it could easily fit in a drawer.
    2. It is an “invasion of privacy.”
    3. The larger issue, which you pointed out earlier, is that such action would in no way reflect the “community” values and does, in fact, treat us like common criminals.

  30. I agree this is outrageous, but I’ll pay my part of the fine if Denise Fung pays the same amount that I do.

  31. As residents of Henle, we wish Denise Fung was our advocate in this situation. To whoever actually stole the GoCard machine–what are you doing with it? It must be SO MUCH fun to play with. I love checking my balance. It must be so cool to be able to check it any time. I mean I feel ya, it sucks not knowing how much money I’ve got on my GoCard.

  32. Let’s be honest, this is a very unfortunate and frustrating situation. I for one do not want to and do not feel like I should have to pay for someone else’s idea of fun that manifested itself in the form of theft BUT I think that we’re all missing a big part of the problem. The vast majority of these comments have been attacking Denise Fung, however, what we’re failing to realize is that she is only following protocol- we’re shooting the messenger. Taking issue with the fact that I now owe the University money doesn’t mean that I’m going to attack the character, integrity and intellectual capacity of the woman who sent me the e-mail. What we need to be more concerned with is who is making these policies that directly affect us and do they really have our best interest in mind? If the answer is no, then let’s create change within the system, not create a personal battlefield against Denise. We should be critically looking at and questioning upper administration within the Residence Life department instead of blaming the individuals, such as Hall Directors and Area Coordinators that work with us and try to help us on a daily basis. Well at least, most of the Hall Directors and Area Coordinators I have encountered are more intelligent than I originally gave them credit for and actually care about me as a student.

    I would also say that there are more constructive ways of saying what we say outside of posting an anonymous comment on the internet. I think with numbers we can present our desires without much fear involved.

  33. @Just Some Thoughts: I think that that’s one of the more intelligent and mature comments that I’ve seen on here so far. I completely agree that we’ve displaced our anger/energy. Don’t want to pay the money, but it’s a bigger issue than we’ve fully recognized.

  34. @just some thoughts, I’m not sure if it is worth responding to your post…but I love having the last word.

    1. I would like to point out the assumption that there is some crystallized ResLife protocol for theft/vandalism. In reality, Hall Directors are given a considerable amount of latitude when responding to these issues. More problematically, there is often an noticeable *lack* of actual, explicit protocol, which allows Hall Directors to make (often flawed) judgements as they see fit.

    2. Your characterization of Ms. Feng as merely the \messenger\ is wrong for two reasons (the first is explained above). The second concerns your obvious lack of understanding about the structure of Residence Life. As the Hall Director of Henle and First-Year Area Coordinator, Ms. Fung actually occupies an \important\ position within ResLife. She is more than simply \the woman who sent [you] the e-mail.\ She is, arguably, 5th in command of the ResLife regime and holds significant sway.

    3. Taking into account the previous two points, the character, integrity and intellectual capacity of Ms. Fung are certainly relevent. In this instance, claiming that she is of low intelligence is not a personal attack. It is a professional one.

    4. Ms. Fung is supposed to be our advocate. However, even if she fails in that capacity–and she does fail–she is still the primary outlet for our complaints.

    5. It appears in looking for the bigger problem, you’ve missed the problem entirely.

    Now that I’ve satisfied my ego, I can return to playing with my new GoCard swiper.

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  36. Just wanted to personally thank the crew team for taking the swiper. Whoever put this on a scavenger hunt list must be partially brain dead. I hope you are getting good use out of it assholes. PS: Now that we know who did it I expect this to come out of the Crew team’s budget and not Henle residents.

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