Burlieth resident calls for the removal of John DeGioia, Jack Evans

No Stephen R. Brown blog is complete without his camera skillz

How does Burleith resident Stephen R. Brown follow up his instant hit of a blog “Drunken Georgetown Students“? By calling for the removal of Georgetown President Jack DeGioia and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans on of course!

Blogging at RemoveJack.com and RemoveJackEvans.com, two blogs largely dedicated to 2010 Campus Plan news/bashing, Brown demands that Evans “give up his post as Councilman and either teach at the University or return full-time to law” and that DeGioia to “GO BACK TO TEACHING.”

Here’s a glimpse at his open letter to DeGioia:

“We just gave you the ability to raise 211 million dollars at very favorable interest rates and you spent it on a science center and not dormitories. And yes… we have tried negotiating with you for a year. You haven’t changed your demands a bit. If you can’t moderate your business practices, I suspect that your reputation as a first class University which produces world leaders, scholars and diplomats will soon be on par with the likes of Kaplan, DeVry and the University of Phoenix.”

More gems like this after the jump.

From the same open letter:

“You may be a fan of Robert Moses but unfortunately are acting more like Donald Trump. These bond issues are going to come back to a future generation of students and alumni so unmitigated expansion may not be the best thing for you. At the mooment,  I am not going to counsel you on business.  I’m just recommending you stay out of mine…”

And again:

“You must have squirreled away a bit of change by now and I understand you have a PhD in some field so why don’t you go back to the classroom where you belong. Let us get on with our lives and come up some good living conditions for your students.  There are a ton of options for Georgetown expansion and these crude plans of yours are only dividing what is a very cool neighborhood.”

Many of Brown’s posts on Remove Jack Evans also rail against the councilmember for what he sees as fiscal frivolity, like voting to give Georgetown low interest bonds to construct its science center. In “REMOVE JACK EVANS,” Brown accuses him  of “think[ing] he lives in little Switzerland.”

The DeGioia site, called A Curve in the Road, is peppered with headlines and headers like “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS” and “No Friends At All?” and nonsensical statements like “2000 plus DWI calls per year. Twenty-seven percent of student housing has contact with the District of Columbia Police every year!”


14 Comments on “Burlieth resident calls for the removal of John DeGioia, Jack Evans


    I’m glad to see Stephen R. Brown uses the same arguments I make when heckling opposing goalkeepers during soccer games.

  2. I totally support removing Jack Evans, so at least there’s some common ground?

  3. Stephen R. Brown’s the best thing to ever happen to the pro-campus plan side.

  4. As John Cleese might say, “what a silly little man.”

  5. Dear Stephen Brown: Kindly do the world a favor and blow yourself. It obviously should be fun for you, and it’ll keep your mouth occupied, thus rendering you unable to talk, which will be massive fun for the rest of us.

  6. It would appear that Mr. Brown could use some education from Kaplan, DeVry and the University of Phoenix because the number of spelling and grammar mistakes that appear in his \open letter\ couldn’t get him anywhere close to admission at Georgetown.

  7. Grammatical errors aside, Mr. Brown is correct. The people who live near the university should not have to be surrogate nannies for the students of Georgetown.

  8. When fun is made illegal, only outlaws will party!

  9. Also, I’d like to point out that that photo violates any aesthetic known to man. Holy shit the composition is horrendous.

  10. “A ton of options for Georgetown expansion”? That would be Burlieth. Kthx.

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