Census data shows changes in population and data collection

Last week, the 2010 Census released data for the District of Columbia, showing what appeared to be a significant boom in Georgetown’s population.

The recent data suggests that 1,791 new residents have been added to the Georgetown community, or roughly a 21.01 percent population increase.

Most of this growth, about 1,351 people, appears to have been added to the area between O, M, and 35th Streets. This means there was a 133 percent increase in residents in the area, according to the data.

Aside from the explanation that people are living in masses in the streets, sewers, and under the Lau steps, the population increase is more likely the result of reporting changes. In the 2000 Census, only 53 residents were documented as living in on the two blocks bounded by 36th, 37th, O, and P Streets, and alternatively 35th, 36th, Prospect and O Streets. However, these two blocks have been part of University housing for quite some time, so their residents were likely included in the on-campus count for the census rather than as part of the neighborhood population.

The Georgetown Metropolitan claims that another part of the increase in the neighborhood’s population is the rising number of children in the area, which GM approximates to be around 200 children.

Image: The Georgetown Metropolitan

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  1. Good lord don’t let the neighbors get a hold of this data

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