D.C. cab fares rise due to fuel surcharge

Late for work?  Stranded in Adams Morgan?  Loaded down with groceries?  If these situations spell out C-A-B for you, you better budget an extra dollar for each fare.

Starting yesterday, tax rides in the District of Columbia have an additional $1 surcharge to aid taxi drivers with rising fuel costs.

Mayor Vincent Gray signed an executive order authorizing the fare hike on Saturday, after being advised by the D.C. Taxicab Commission to do so.  The fuel surcharge will remain in effect until July 25th, unless the Commission chooses to repeal it in the meantime.

The surcharge does not apply to interstate rides. Does walking to Rosslyn in order to catch a taxi to Columbia Heights suddenly seem to make a little bit of sense?  Vox’s shoestring budget says yes.

h/t: Georgetown Patch

One Comment on “D.C. cab fares rise due to fuel surcharge

  1. I would say this makes sense, but I’ve never been in another city where you pay per person in the cab. It doesn’t cost them anymore. Total rip off. I got my SmarTrip. No cab for me.

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