Students start progressive political magazine

A group of Georgetown University undergraduate students recently created Counterpoint, new political magazine with a progressive viewpoint.

Created by Eric Pilch (COL ’12), Kara Brandeisky (COL ’13), and Cole Stangler (SFS ’13), the magazine is funded by the Center for American Progress and not affiliated with the University. (Editor’s note: Pilch is a staff writer, Brandeisky is the head of business, and Stangler is a member of the editorial board of the Voice.)

“We believe that positive change in American history has been brought about by those who are unafraid to challenge the prevailing status quo,” states the magazine’s mission statement. “We will tap into this tradition of reform while engaging readers and challenging them to seek positive social transformation.”

The magazine features a mix of feature stories, commentaries, editorials, interviews, and reviews.

The first edition includes a feature piece on Georgetown’s Latin American Board, commentary on the District’s voter disenfranchisement, and a piece on how the gay community has transformed at Georgetown, among a number of other articles.

Print editions of the magazine will be available on campus on Friday.

23 Comments on “Students start progressive political magazine

  1. Counterpoint to what exactly? So far as I can tell the only conservative publications on this campus are the Academy, which is published about once a semester, and the Federalist which is essentially a reprint of a two week old Academy, filtered through AEI’s censors. Apparently these students are looking to create that happy medium somewhere between the Voice Editorial page and The Daily Worker.

  2. Here is a plan for bankrupting yourselves!!! lol!

    Progressives are the reason this country is in such a mess, bankrupt, and falling apart, for God’s sake. Ooops! I forgot, progressives are the ones responsible for taking ‘God’ out of everything this nation was built upon.

    If you want to be a progressive, do it in some other country, and get out of mine, the US of A.

    Europe, South America, Middle East, and the UK are full of progressives. Pack your bags. You can be in your progressive paradise tomorrow!!! Go now!! Go!

  3. …are you a student? How did you find yourself here?

  4. They are all immediately resigning their positions at The Voice, correct? Or have they already done so? It HAS to be one or the other, right?

  5. You’ll be shocked to hear that at many universities (not to mention in the real world) people write for multiple publications at the same time.

  6. Congratulations on the new publication! Anyone who annoys Jacob is a friend of mine. And Jean: I really do hope you’ll stick around; you seem like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.

  7. I find it funny that the creators are Voice writers. This is just like a spinoff TV show. The question remains, however, will the Counterpoint be like Frasier or Joey?

    PS The recapcha gave me psi to enter. I seem to be missing that key.

  8. @ATalbot

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and give a big fat GUSA fund grant to these folks. That’ll ensure they go under.

  9. A “progressive” magazine that talks about the “tradition of reform.” Say what?

  10. Would the Voice be covering this if it weren’t their own people doing it? I think not.

  11. @Tim, go back in the archives and look at the Voice’s obsessive coverage of other small publications, especially The Academy relaunch and The Federalist.

  12. As a non-Voice person that appreciates their coverage of all parts of campus, I think the answer is yes.

  13. Do you think the New York Times general manager does a lot of writing for the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos? Do you think many news reporters for the Washington Post simultaneously run an openly partisan publication?

    There is nothing wrong with writing for multiple publications; there is also nothing wrong with openly partisan publications, especially of the liberal bent! But, there IS a problem with putting on an objective hat for a publication that claims to wear an objective hat and also working for one that is openly partisan.

    Does it make a huge difference, especially in college? No. But is it wrong in principle? Yes/

  14. @Jean

    So you’re saying that there are progressives in Europe AND in the UK?!?! Egads! But what will happen if the progressives in South America make it all the way to Brazil???

  15. Once again, you have glossed over your history. I encourage you to read the first statement statement of the Georgetown Voice: “Our editorial policy will view and analyze issues in a liberal light.” ( The Voice does not pretend to have a non-partisan editorial policy. And neither does this progressive magazine….

  16. You have no idea what you’re talking about and it shows.

  17. Congratulations on the launch you guys! I’m looking forward to seeing your future issues and I like what you’ve done so far!

  18. @@ethics in journalism1: Perhaps you are right. If the Voice openly takes a liberal stance, then I guess there is no conflict of interest. Seems like The Voice could have made this new magazine a formal spin off and really expanded its product.

    @@ethics in journalism2: thank you for your substantive contribution to this dialogue. Do you care to elaborate?

  19. Who are you, where do you come from, and can I borrow your time machine sometime?

    You may think you’re challenging the \progressives,\ when you are in reality only contributing to conservative regression.
    If you were actually a student here, then you would have taken some Philosophy gen-eds and learned the reasons why \’God’ was taken out of everything this country was built upon.\

    Speaking of getting out, you may be the most un-globalized Hoya there exists!!! lol!

    A little spirit for change should always be welcome at a university like ours, and Counterpoint will make a great asset. It’s reassuring to see our classmates taking matters into their own hands and being forward-thinking humans, not just stressed-out students.

  20. You continue to impress us with your idiocy. Hope you stopped by The Hoya article to comment on the fact that Hoya staffers are also on the masthead.

  21. So CAP is funding this \Counterpoint\ – here’s a suggestion for Counterpoint’s first article – who are ALL the funding sources for CAP?

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