University to install security cameras in on-campus residence halls

During the next two weeks, security cameras will be installed in the entrances and exits of University residence halls.

“Cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits and not at student rooms,” reads an email from Housing Services that was sent to residents on Wednesday evening.

11:45 a.m. Friday update:

Rachel Pugh, director of media relations, issued the following statement to Vox:

Georgetown is installing additional security cameras on campus as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance safety and security. As you know, we are always assessing ways to enhance the safety and security of our campus community and implement measures that reflect best practices in the security industry. Georgetown personnel use security cameras as one of many measures to deter and detect criminal activity on campus. In some cases we are able to create efficiencies in time and construction costs by having work for this project be done at the same time as the work necessary to install wireless in residence halls. Security cameras are located throughout campus in a variety of locations which are identified as most relevant for crime prevention purposes. As you can imagine, it would not be prudent to discuss specific locations, as that would undermine our crime prevention and detection efforts. Students should be assured, however, that cameras are not directed at private residence hall living spaces and are purposefully installed to in ways that are consistent with students’ reasonable expectations of privacy. We appreciate your support of these efforts to keep our community safe.

Original post:

Housing Services’ email to students:

Dear Residents,

University Information Services will be installing security cameras at all entrances and exits of the residence halls.. Over the next two weeks you will see contractors installing the cameras.  Cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits and not at student rooms.  If you have any questions,
please contact the Department of Public Safety at 687-4343 or to

Housing Services

Vincent Tennant contributed to this post.

10 Comments on “University to install security cameras in on-campus residence halls

  1. Finally! This is big step forward in student safety. Congrats on joining the 21st century, Georgetown!

  2. @ :(

    How is it an invasion of privacy for people to watch the conduct of a person sitting in a public, openly-accessible library? News flash: if you’re not in a PRIVATE space (e.g., your home, room, personal office), then you don’t have any PRIVACY.

  3. @ :(

    My mention of the library, by the way, was in reference to the article linked in :(‘s post. But the same applies to open, public, readily-visible entry and exit-ways from dorm buildings. If every student at Georgetown wanted, they could sit at the entrance to Village C and watch every student come and go all day long. Not private.

  4. I agree. Cameras in public entrances and exits to buildings is not an invasion of privacy. It will hopefully help in reducing the number of unsolved thefts we have on campus and potentially deterring additional thefts.

  5. So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.

  6. I’d rather liberty die than get stolen from my room by some high school kid who wanders into LXR at will.

  7. Just like the Galactic Senate would rather have ceded all legislative authority to Chancellor Palpatine than let the Separatists win the Clone Wars. And look where that got us!

  8. These aren’t the laptops you’re looking for…

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