GU cedes to neighborhood demands, will add more beds

Georgetown announced changes to its 2010 Campus Plan yesterday, including plans to lower its main campus enrollment cap and add 250 beds either on-campus or outside of the area by the fall of 2014.

If the University goes the on-campus route, it must file an application with the D.C. Zoning Commission for “further processing of an on-campus residence hall.” It is unclear whether “further processing” means adding beds to current rooms or constructing more rooms on existing dorms. In May 2009, though, architects hired by the University identified spaces on campus that could potentially hold up to 800 beds — including North Kehoe, Harbin Esplanade, North Residential (an area past Darnall Hall), a small extension to Village C, and the walkway outside of Lauinger Library.

If not added to the main campus, the beds will be put in an “off-campus housing location outside of residentially-owned land within zip code 20007,” a boundary which covers the whole of the Georgetown, Foxhall, and Glover Park neighborhoods. While Georgetown owns property elsewhere in D.C. and also in Virginia, a pre-hearing submission filed with the Zoning Commission did not identify any specific locations.

Last December, the University scrapped plans to build the  “1789 block,” a housing complex for graduate students and faculty. The plan, which faced significant opposition from neighbors, would have included approximately 120 beds and 80 parking spaces.

The University also proposed to lower its main campus enrollment cap from 16,133 to 15,000. However, only 133 spots in the total enrollment will be eliminated; 1,000 students in the School of Continuing Studies will be relocated to satellite campus by the end of 2013. The proposed cap of 6,675 undergraduate students remains unchanged.

Other changes announced in the pre-hearing submission include one promise to work with the National Park Service to “minimize any slope changes and loss of trees and to provide appropriate screening” while constructing an on-campus loop road and another to not use a proposed Kehoe Field enclosure for convocations. The University also agreed to submit annual compliance reports with the D.C. Office of Planning and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission about its enrollment and housing commitments.

The Zoning Commission will hold its first hearing about Georgetown’s Campus Plan on Apr. 14.

After the jump, we’ve republished the pre-hearing submission and its proposed conditions.

The pre-hearing submission:
Pre-Hearing Submission

The proposed conditions:
Proposed Conditions

29 Comments on “GU cedes to neighborhood demands, will add more beds

  1. I really though I would click through “Read the rest of this entry” to see a giant “April Fools”

  2. Apparently, “no means yes; yes means anal” has meaning outside of the traditional “sexual assault” context.

  3. Im waiting for an old fogey to drop a message on this college-audience focused blog about how this concession is not enough or not what the “community” wants.

  4. I’m just imagining a bunch of students just chilling on their bunk beds on the walkway outside lau…it’s okay, I would take one of those beds. I basically live in the damn library anyway!!

  5. we should tear down healy and put a darnall style dorm in its place. This is literally absurd. Has their been an explanation why the proposed on campus 1789 housing was unacceptable? Why does that not count as on campus housing? truly curious.

    Frustration aside… what would be the best place in 2007 for 250 beds? I wonder if pulling an NYU and putting some housing in the heart of the city would be the worst thing in the world. For freshman, sophomores it would be a horrible idea. But I could see juniors wanting to live in dupont or something to be between internships and school and getting to live in a more cosmopolitan part of the city. What do you all think?

  6. The rest of the city sucks. Why anyone would want to leave Georgetown is beyond me.

  7. Can anyone explain to me what the “walkway outside of Lauinger” is? Healy lawn? The Lau steps? Am I the only one who doesn’t see any sort of space available for a dorm around Lau? (Maybe the parkling lot behind Lau?)

    IMO we just put dorms in Burleith. HA.

  8. Of the areas identified by the university as potential dorm sites, none of those seem big enough with the exception of North Kehoe. IMO getting rid of the varsity soccer field is a TERRIBLE idea and would be detrimental to all of varsity athletics. It would force both soccer teams to either share practice/ game space on Harbin with both lax teams and football or be moved to some site off campus and into irrelevance. Non-basketball sports already suffer from a visibility issue on this campus. Both teams are coming off unprecedentedly successful seasons and they deserve more support from the University and the student body than having their playing field taken away to satisfy some angry neighbors.

  9. @ @for real – This is unrelated to the post at hand for the most part, but you are completely incorrect about the rest of DC if that’s truly how you feel. Get out of the Georgetown bubble and go find out how many incredible, vibrant, exciting, multi-cultural, historic neighborhoods there are in this city to explore. Or just go back to the suburbs where you came from, either way works.

  10. You’re an idiot. Georgetown is not even close to the best part of DC. Maybe when you become 21 you’ll realize that Gtown nightlife blows compared to U Street, Dupont, Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Gallery Place, or even the Hill. But you’re right, Thirds is a really good bar…

  11. @Kat

    The so-called “Library Walk” is the bit of road that runs from Lau past Village A. (It’s a goofy name that I never understood either.)

  12. Georgetown University, the Beta males of student advocacy and the NCAA tournament.

  13. I’m fairly certain that no matter what the University has to say to appease the neighbors now, this isn’t going to happen. I honestly can’t see GU building new on-campus housing when there’s already a ton of vacant on-campus housing.

  14. Are there any/have there ever been any plans to renovate/re-open the abandoned Jes Res building that’s right in the heart of campus? I’m sure this hasn’t come up in the course of the debate for a specific reason, but I don’t know what that reason is.

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  16. no where else in the country does a university or college have to jump through so many hoops to get their campus plans approved.

  17. What some of these neighbors really want:

    1. A radically smaller enrollment (somewhere under 4,000)
    2. A campus that closes all classes and offices after dark
    3. A de facto curfew for any non-residents entering their communities
    4. Closing or relocating the hospital.
    5. No public transportation vehicles west of Wisconsin
    6. No parking on streets for non-residents.
    7. No multi-family housing
    8. A homogenous community by age, income level, and background

  18. @DCite I *think* it’s that the old Jes-res is biologically hazardous and would require a significant amount of work to fix up, plus it’s probably historical and would therefore require even more red tape to renovate. I know I read an article about this in one of the campus papers a few years ago (maybe ’09?), but I have no idea where it is.

  19. old jes res has asbestos. I heard a high level admin say that it would cost faar more than the building is worth.

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  21. When will the University learn to just ask for what it wants, and then fight for it?

    Grow a spine!

  22. @eileen: The last JesRes building was built in 1904, so it probably predates asbestos as an insulant. Just as likely, there are structural issues that no one wants to pay for.

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