Law student sinks incredible shot

Each year, the Georgetown University Law Center hosts Home Court D.C., a charity basketball game featuring Members of Congress and GULC professors.

Although this year’s game–which was held Wednesday evening and raised more than $400,000 for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless–ended in a 61 to 49 defeat of the Hoya Lawyas by the Hill’s Angels, one GULC student shocked the crowd.

After winning a raffle opportunity to take a half court shot for $10,000, GULC studentĀ Alladin Jaloudi made an incredible shot.

Check out the Youtube video of his shot below:

11 Comments on “Law student sinks incredible shot

  1. Unbelievably fake! Georgetown wants a viral video to gain traffic. LOL.

  2. Prince Ali!
    Mighty is he!
    Ali Ababwa
    Strong as ten regular men, definitely!

  3. It’s Alladin. Not Aladdin (I don’t care what your squiggly red line says, check the GU Directory if yo uwant).

    He made the shot.

  4. @gc83,
    It’s been corrected. (The source of that spelling was the Washington Legal Clinic’s blog, not Microsoft Word.)

  5. Everyone’s been making the same mistake, so no worries. I think everyone follows the squiggly line, unfortunately.

  6. Final score was 61-49, not 61-45.

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