Comments of the Week: Name Game

The team names at Tombs trivia exploded with comments, beating out our post on Obama’s speech by 70 comments.

Esposito doesn’t approve:

Students who came up with \Gay-daffi\: please report to my office Friday to be expelled from the SFS.

That is all, students.

double hoya gets real:

Guess what? I’m a queer female survivor of both rape and relationship abuse and I go to Georgetown. In fact, I experienced both rape and relationship abuse as a student at our fine university at the hands of fellow students, so don’t tell ME we’re in some sort of liberal utopia PC wimpfied bubble. Those guys were the same ones that hung out at the Tombs for trivia a few years ago and would have been regarded by the commentariat here as awesome bros. Every time you laugh at a joke that condones this kind of shit, even if you would never do something like it yourself, you are giving that guy who would do it your implicit support. Trust me.

Keep kicking ass and pointing out bullshit, Molly.

Get a Life goes in for a classic ad hominem attack:

What sucks more: Molly Redden’s sense of humor

Not Greg Monroe is a COTW veteran:

Yeah seriously Molly, when will you realize that jokes about rape, involuntary abortion, women being bad at sports, women using sex to get jobs, and equations of homosexuality with bad or lame things are not only uproariously hilarious but also amongst the most unique contributions to the history of comedy since, I don’t know, EVER. Go make me a sammich.

@for real doesn’t like the proposal to move housing downtown:

The rest of the city sucks. Why anyone would want to leave Georgetown is beyond me.



9 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Name Game

  1. Nothing like highlighting one side of the Tombs trivia commenter mindset, and leaving rational defenses of black humor somewhere in the back burner of the original article.

  2. Winston is right. There were a lot of people who posted very reasonable, intelligent comments pointing out that silly joke trivia team names are fine. Good job, Vox, defending your own writer’s poor sense of humor by amplifying the volume on the comments you agree with.

  3. @Winston Smith, Not Fritz Brogan

    You offended? Lulz, get over it, welcome to the real world, it’s just dark blogging why don’t you get it, bias is an inescapable fact of reality, if you’re offended don’t come to this blog, Vox doesn’t actually believe in selective reporting: why don’t you get that you can abhor bias on a blog while actively practicing it?, don’t you get the absurdity of it?, you two seem to be the only ones who are upset by this, lulz, get over it.

  4. If you can’t understand why Winston Smith is a good pseudonym for my comment, then you don’t understand how satire works and why it’s effective. Your rant was just sad, shallow and pedantic.

  5. If you can’t understand why lulz is a good pseudonym for my comment, then you just lost the game.

  6. There are no winners in Vox comment wars. Especially ones that seem to pit 1984 against 4chan as a better allegory for rape jokes.

    Seriously, if you want to discuss the merits of tombs trivia, you can join the six dozen commenters on the other thread. But Arguing over which pseudonym makes who superior to whom is an exercise in self-aggrandizing delusion.

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